My self portrait


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I learned many things about shadowing and gradation. I was not able to draw my lips first but I did it at the end. I think the eyes, nose mouth practice really helped which I learned from tutorial videos. I  learned highlights when I was drawing my portrait. I also learned to use a blending stump to make the shadowing more realistic, sometimes you need to use different erasers because sometime I don’t want to erase the whole thing but just make it lighter. That made my self portrait more realistic.

I had to make a decision when I had to do my hair, I put a little bump on the head and also drew the the hair that sticks out. I also had to make a decision when I was thinking about  the right  side, since that side was darker, I had to think about should I make the right eye darker or not.  I also have to make a highlights on the side and choose how much I want to erase.

I think my self portrait represents me because it it just look lonely.  It doesn’t really show much expressions either. I had some details in it but it just doesn’t look like me.

I think I did well on communication skills because I listened well to what others say about my drawing and think about how I can improve it. I gave compliments to others too. I think I have to work on my Self Management skills because I didn’t have enough time to finish and I should think more about what I have to write for reflections because I didn’t really use much scientific words.


after                                                                    before

thumb_DSC05387_1024   Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.44.16 AM

Instructional Music Video


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here is my music video

We tried to teach people who don’t know how to play piano .

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