Improv reflection


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I accepted to stay in the place in the middle of the scene. I also accepted to go with Regev at the end  . I didn’t really offer any things.

I could improve by facing the audience more because I don’t usually face the audience. I should also say a bit more in scenes. I could also improve by saying something else except a question for the start so it will be easier for the second person.. I could help others to make the scene more exciting without blocking so it would entertain the audience more. I could help them if what they’re doing doesn’t connect with the thing we’re doing.

I could think about the position the other people are in and try to start with a sentence so it all connects to our starting positions. There shouldn’t be two things happening at once. The idea shouldn’t change very suddenly because the audience won’t know what I ‘m talking about. I should help my teammate when they’re not sure what to do.

6/8 because the starting positions it all connects. We all used our starting positions well and doesn’t have two things going at once.


change my water usage in the future


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I could change my water usage by doing what we wrote on the poster. By reusing water, turn off taps more often, shower less and use less body soap, shampoo, conditioner and other soaps. I will help change their habits by using my poster, and saving water could start by anyone.

Reflection for water unit


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My research skills is good because I have a decent amount of information on my site and the poster. I chose most of the helpful information in a website and found a lot.

My organisation skills is good because the site and the poster is well organised. The site has different slides and it tells people about different thins. Even though there’s a lot of information on the poster, it’s still organised. Me and Taiki has to change 1 of the slides with the the other because it was’t in the right order. However, it’s fine now.

I think I need to work on collaboration skills because sometimes we can’t share somethings with each other so the other person couldn’t help. I can improve by using things that could be shared.


Offer and accept


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6C Drama: Offer Accept Scene3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

1.Improvisation  is a play that doesn’t use any prep. Improvising theatre is also often called improv or impro. Actors need to collaborate to make the scene. It also uses a lot of imagination.


-Blocking: You should never say no when a person offers you somthing in a scene. An actor should always accept and carry on the scene.

O + A = S

-Name it: You should always name whatever you’re saying because they won’t know what you’re talking about. It’s a really important part in a scene.

-share the story: You should always carry on with the story, don’t destroy it. You should also share the story so the audience knows what’s going on.

-stay in character: If you started a scene with a position, you shouldn’t start acting like differently because it will confuse the audience. For example, You started with a evil position and then you’re suddenly a normal person. That will confuse the audience. What ever you do, you shouldn’t break your concentration.

3. I offered Louis to dance with me in the first scene. I accepted to buy the coco powder when Louis asked me if I wanted iti n the second scene.

4.I could improve my improv skills by using different voices when I’m a different character in each thing. I could also improve my improv skills by concentrating more.

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