making a game


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The idea of our game is that each group gets money at the beginning of the game. Then the groups have to buy products from other groups but they have to pay money to get there. For example if the group on the far side wants to buy things from the other side they will have to pay more money than if they want to go to a close group. The purpose of the game is to teach other people that trading now is different than the way people traded long ago. And to know how to use your money wisely.

Reflection for printmaking


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photograph of artwork

I think I did well on designing it to look like a baseball field and interlock at the same time. I had to widen the back a bit so it actually interlocks. I had to put my culture influence in there and I didn’t really have much time to carve diamond shapes in the middle of the two lines, so I just carved a line right between the two lines to save time. I had to change some other things because I carved a line right between the two lines, so I added one thing at the top of the basses and one at the bottom of the basses. I was going for making it look like an eye in the middle, but sometimes when I look at it, it does’t really look like a eye. I didn’t really have time to really print a lot and cut it too carefully, but if I do, I think it will look like it interlocks better.

At first I wasn’t really sure if i was going to go with this idea. At the start, it’s quite messy and some things were different. The diamond shapes between the lines that I didn’t carve were actually suppose to be the fence. After I finished the draft, I tried to find the cultural influence which is exactly the opposite way as I’m suppose to do. I started asking my friends to check my design to see what was the cultural influence for my motif. Then I found out that the diamond shapes make the triangle which is a roman pattern.

My culture influence is a roman design. It’s the little triangles that I added. I changed a lot of things as I went from scratch to finish. I didn’t really have my diamond shapes between the two lines, I don’t have seats any more, which is what I started with. It looks a bit messy and won’t really make it look like it interlocks so I got rid of it. Before I did the eye, I had a line there to show the home-run, but I got rid of that idea because I have the eye thing and I needed to put culture influence in there. For the eye, I actually had it after the angle of the two line so it actually has something down there, but the middle part would look a bit weird then. I should’ve just put one at the middle and one at the bottom.

I used lines and triangles and a bit of diamond shapes to make this. I used green and black for four of them because I need to actually show a baseball field by having green. Lines are usually white but I picked black because I really need it to stand out a bit more, and the colour of the paper is actually light green so it might be hard to tell if I had white and green. I used black and yellow for five of them because once again I need it to stand out. I guess it’s a different timeline of the baseball field so it’s night right now. I feel like it looks a bit darker than I wanted it to be. The yellow and green are suppose to be a bit brighter so It won’t look so dark. There was suppose to be a pattern with the colours, I only have 4 greens because I didn’t want it to be too bright but it’s a bit too dark now. My art work does interlock. The two lines are the ones that should look like it interlocks, but sometimes the print isn’t that good so it doesn’t really look like it interlocks.

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