Dragon days reflection


Posted by 22yuanl | Posted in Grade 7 | Posted on September 13, 2016

Team Ka-Ching

Designing our project was… It was hard to choose a good topic we could on, we did it on the computer at the beginning, but we thought we could communicate better by doing it on a poster.
Reasons I liked working with my group We all helped each others when others really needed it.
ATL skills that I used well  Organisation , because we finished the poster on time and had time to make another small one.
Great moments along the way When we helped each other with what we were doing.
One thing I learned from another group Some of the other groups has videos to watch, I think that would attract people better than a poster would.
Next time, I will Next time we will probably have more entertainment for the audience because we didn’t have any
Something awesome that I contributed Helping with the poster


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