Movie trailer reflection


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In Drama, we were doing voice recording for a movie trailer. We spread into three groups of five, and recorded our voices for the trailer and we also focused on modulation and sound for this unit. Some of our trailers were short and some were long. The three groups chose Action, Horror, and adventures. Our script was quite short and our movie trailer was too. We did’t have too many kinds of music which is used to make this and because of that it didn’t take us too long to figure out the music. We had a Narrator for the story.

My best skill was talking really fast on the intense parts because if someone says things slowly on parts really exciting, it would make the audience confused unless the person is suppose to speak slowly and will always speak slowly no matter what happens. There should always be some slow parts and fast parts.  I said my parts even though our script’s are pretty short, and we managed to finish on time.

I should improve on writing my script more, try to understand the movie better, and chose a movie that almost everyone knows because Pia chose a German movie, and the rest of the group didn’t know German or ever watched the movie. It would be cool for the other groups to listen because they never watched the movie before but it would be hard for the rest of our group to write the script. I wrote as much as I can from the original trailer and from Pia telling us about the movie, but considering the fact how long the other group’s trailer’s were, ours was pretty short. I would definitely choose one which we all know a bit of and understand the language a bit next time. Also our movie wasn’t really action which was what we were suppose to be focused on, it was more of a teenage movie. From what Pia told everyone, the movie is about teenagers trying to find their dad and an evil woman is trying to find their dad too so the teenagers has to get their before the evil woman does…    I wouldn’t really consider that an action movie because if you’ve seen marvel movies, I think that’s more like an action movie, so I would definitely follow the topic we were suppose to do.

I would rate our trailer 5/8 because our trailer was very short and wasn’t really about the topic we were suppose to do. However, I think our music was pretty good and the exciting parts and slower parts.

3. Another movie trailer which was captivating was reeve’s movie trailer because their trailer was quite long and had a lot lot of things in it like Yestin being a news reporter on TV, mom and dad leaving, TV suddenly turns off, and Jared’s SCREAMING which freaked me out a bit. Their was also a music playing at the backgrounds with the ticking clock. I think they did very well on it, and you can probably tell it’s horror by now. I would rate theirs 7/8

Reflection for drama speech


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My best skill was not getting distracted by things around me, because I’m the first one to present and I had a lot of tension, so I tried not to panic too much. I on’t think I looked at palm cards too much and for too long so i probably don’t really have a really long pause in the middle of my speech. I had some hand movements and looked around sometimes.

I should say a bit longer and think about it more because once I finished my speech, I thought of two really good things to say in the speech. During my speech, in the part where I talk about my friend, I kind of struggled to say the story because I didn’t have much information about what I was going to say for my story about my friend and what a real friend should be like, so I struggled there. I think I need to write more ideas about the story of my friend next time and again, practice it so I won’t get stuck on that bit.I should practice my speech more at home so I don’t stop in the middle to look at my cards or forget some things to say or have a long pause in the middle, I did pause a little sometimes during my speech but hopefully it wasn’t too long. I also should have more movements with my body so I don’t just stand there talking all the time. I should slow down a bit at the start because sometimes I feel like I’m saying things too fast and it would help if I slowed down a bit.

I would rate my speech 5/8

Louis speech was good because he remembered his speech so he didn’t have to use the palm cards to get ideas. He talks about his mom and he gave lots of examples in his speech. His speech was also pretty long.


Improv reflection


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I accepted to stay in the place in the middle of the scene. I also accepted to go with Regev at the end  . I didn’t really offer any things.

I could improve by facing the audience more because I don’t usually face the audience. I should also say a bit more in scenes. I could also improve by saying something else except a question for the start so it will be easier for the second person.. I could help others to make the scene more exciting without blocking so it would entertain the audience more. I could help them if what they’re doing doesn’t connect with the thing we’re doing.

I could think about the position the other people are in and try to start with a sentence so it all connects to our starting positions. There shouldn’t be two things happening at once. The idea shouldn’t change very suddenly because the audience won’t know what I ‘m talking about. I should help my teammate when they’re not sure what to do.

6/8 because the starting positions it all connects. We all used our starting positions well and doesn’t have two things going at once.


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