Movie shots


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I have just started doing film study in English, and we are taking pictures on the roof. We made 5 groups of three and had a short time to take some pictures. There are different types of shots. for now there’s ten different types of shots. So far we have taken three pictures, worm’s eye view, wide shot, and medium shot. I learned some shots of angles to film like worm’s eye view.4c2a7aec-0f28-4165-9154-577323604e24

Hello world!


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Welcome to YIS Learning Hub. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Yo Yo Yo my name is santa, I don’t like coke but I do like Fanta.

my practice video

Reflection on Camp

I did many principled things and so did others. I was principled when I let others to join a  game and I clean up after myself and helped others when they forgot to… This affects my camp experience because and other’s because we all changed a bit. We think of it as fun.

I was a risk taker when when I tried the high rope course and tree climbing which is what I learned

I was a good communicator when we have to work as a group to find the way on the first day of the hiking.


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