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Economic plan

How can I save enough money to go to the beach and play?


The reason why I chose this is because I like going to the beach and I always have fun when I go there, I also like doing the things beside the sea or in the sea like going on boats and diving etc. Some of the things could be cheap and some of them could be expensive and there’s a lot of things to do at the sea. Even if I don’t do all the things, I need to save my money, research, plan.

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To the nearest beach


Transportation options                                      

Train              235 Yen                                                                         



Car       ?                                                                             



activity options and costs


The equipment you need will include a scuba diving mask ($20-200), a snorkel ($20-100), scuba diving wetsuit ($100-1000), and fins ($50-600). The total cost for renting all the scuba diving gear will be $100

Boats   50

Fishing   0 if I bring my own fishing rod    it would cost around 20 to rent one                                                                          

swiming   0

Surfing   0 if I bring my own   50 to rent one

Kayaking  if it’s a decent one, it will cost aroud 60 to rent one.

Jet ski   half a day would cost around  $ 199  for half a day      

I would also bring  a lot more for other things.          










First, I need to investigate how much I need to go to the beach, activities, food.

Then I need to do chores to get money.

I will sell some of my supplies on the market.

I might even trade some things to earn money.

I will also need my savings and my allowance.


I don’t think I’m going to do it because I have to travel a lot for my summer vacation and have lots of things to do, especially in China because the beaches are too dirty, not many beaches, and their’s too much people. I would also stay at home most of the time because of the PM2.5. The other reason is because it’s too expensive to do all those things, and it would take a lot of time to get all the money I need.


making a game


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The idea of our game is that each group gets money at the beginning of the game. Then the groups have to buy products from other groups but they have to pay money to get there. For example if the group on the far side wants to buy things from the other side they will have to pay more money than if they want to go to a close group. The purpose of the game is to teach other people that trading now is different than the way people traded long ago. And to know how to use your money wisely.

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