Music Bass Line Challenge


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Bass Line Challenge 1-12whs5u




In Music, we had to learn the blue scale on both hands. I did the shuffling with my right hand and my left hand to play the other. All three challenges included the shuffling but not the thing we did with our left hand. It got harder as it went from 1-3. At the third bass line challenge, Everybody finished up with playing the blues chord with a boogie type of tempo.


Some of the difficulties were that I couldn’t get both my left and right hand to get the rhythm right. It was always right hand a bit slower or left hand a bit slower, not only that, I struggled a bit when I had to transition my hand to the right or the left. I couldn’t record in class because it was too loud and I had to record at home.



INS Biography


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Henry Jones is a doctor during the industrial Revolution. He thinks that children should be working the way they currently are right now. Every Morning he walks around the town admiring how the children are working at the factories and that they are healthy. He always feels like they are doing their best and are happy because they are always smiling. He went to ask the factories if their children are healthy and happy, they said that their children have become healthier as time past from the first time they came here. He also asked a couple of children if they are healthy, they said that they are happy and healthy. They also said that they are getting stronger and powerful even when they are very young.





Child Labour Helping Kids in Society


In the factories that use child labor, they are always happy about their health conditions and having friends with them. In the factories, they serve balanced meals like meat, vegetables, bread, water, and sometimes fish. The children get three meals a day and get rests at every meal. They become healthier from when they first come because of the better food. They also get stronger because they move heavy things when they are young. When they grow up, they become stronger than usual and also they can get different jobs because they are healthy, strong, and happy. Even the factory owners in real life said they were generally healthy. Child labor is good for this kind of aspects in society and for children.




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We recently made a comic book about a renaissance man/women. I chose Galileo Galilei and we did a comic about the renaissance man/woman going to the future. I think I did well with my research skills for the project. The most important information that I think I found was that Galileo didn’t actually make the telescope, he only improved it.

ATL Skills


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Science minerals blog post


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In Science, We’re learning about elements in a technology. We use technology every single day for work and for fun. We had to choose which technology we want to focus on and choose one. I chose iPhone from apple, iPhone is probably the most popular phone in the world.  Apple sells three models, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Prices of the newest iPhone are: iPhone 7: $649 (32 GB), $749 (128 GB), $849 (256 GB) iPhone 7 Plus: $769, $869, $969. The iPhone 5 has Platinum, Aluminum, copper, Gold, and silver, these are the most important elements in the iPhone 5. Most of the cell phones use Gold which is used to coat wiring and is the most expensive metal inside a cell phone laptop, Tantalum which stores electricity, Tin is used a solder on a circuit board, and tungsten which makes sure the phone vibrates.

What each part is made of in iPhone 6s

Outside of the iPhone 6s

  • The case uses aerospace-grade Aluminum with and outside layer for extra protection. The paint for the iPhone is only 5 micrometers thick. That’s thinner than regular paint!
  • The camera is made of sapphire glass, the lens rates a 9 on a Mohs Hardness Scale, making it almost as hard as a diamond. So if you’re wondering how your screen breaks but your camera didn’t, that’s why.
  • The iPhone’s screen is much much more complex than it may look like to you. The aluminosilicate glass has ions for strength. The 2nd camera has Aluminum. The screen is made of silicon, Potassium, Indium, Tin and rare earth metals. Some of the rare earth metals are used to produce colors on the screen. A layer of tin oxide is used to make the touch screen possible.

Inside the iPhone 6s

  • The Battery is made of cobalt, Graphite, Lithium, and Aluminum.
  • The music or anything you hear on your iPhone is because of high-powered neodymium magnets. It’s made from neodymium, iron, and sometimes has other rare earth elements. The same magnets also make the phone vibrate. Nickel, Neodymium, Praseodymium, Boron, Dysprosium, and iron are all the elements in sound and vibration for the iPhone.
  • The electronics in the iPhone is the most complicated. The processor chip is made of Phosphorus, Antimony, Arsenic, Boron, Indium, Gallium, and silicon being the main one because it’s mainly made from silicon.  Micro and electrical, Copper, gold, silver, and tungsten is used for electrical connections on the phone.  The silver is the most useful metal for this.
  • Micro-capacitors makes sure the electricity go normally. apple managed to make the Tantalum conflict free in 2014.
  • The soldering in electronics is made of copper, tin, silver.


Where do the materials come from?

The smartphone is made from mined materials which mostly comes from the congo. Most smartphones use the same materials. Gold comes from Peru, Copper comes from chile, silver comes from Australia, Platinum comes from South Africa. People from Congo are forced to mine minerals for phones and laptops. They don’t get any salary. The armed groups force them to mine in Eastern Congo. Then the armed groups started controlling Uganda and Rwanda and other neighbors. The country makes millions selling these materials but the money is used to buy guns and grenades. The materials then ship to Thailand, Malaysia, China, and India to be refined. The minerals get mixed with other minerals.

What could we do?

Like I said before, Tungsten in Apple is already a conflict-free product. We could demand conflict-free products by getting in touch with cell phone manufactures and laptop companies. If Apple can make Tungsten conflict free, they can make other elements conflict free too. 



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INS planing pic


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Koumei:      Ms.Madrid is always right

We put the TSC last because we have to make sure we get a good grade before we submit.





field Studies


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I enjoyed it quite a lot; We were the last group, so we had all the teachers behind us. We would stop to rest, and the teacher would catch up, and we would tell jokes. We had a lot of fun with me being the health doctor and randomly telling people to drink more water. I think I did well on cheering others up by the health doctor thing even when I’m not the motivator in our group. For the last activity on Friday, I think I learned a lot of being a community. We had to trust the person all the way at the front and always trust the person in front of me because they know better than I do.


Games review


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Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.10.35 AM

This game is called financial soccer. It’s just like playing a soccer game except you have to answer questions to steal, shoot, pass, and save. You can choose where to pass and the difficulty depends on where the player is, so when you pass to a player making a run you have to choose a hard question or you can just pass it towards the back and have a easy question. If you tied the game, there’s penalty shootouts and the questions are true or false so you have 50% chance of getting it right. We play learn and have fun in this game. The questions are pretty challenging for medium and hard. I would recommend this to people who knows a lot about random things. I would rate tis game 3/5.

change my water usage in the future


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I could change my water usage by doing what we wrote on the poster. By reusing water, turn off taps more often, shower less and use less body soap, shampoo, conditioner and other soaps. I will help change their habits by using my poster, and saving water could start by anyone.

Reflection for water unit


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My research skills is good because I have a decent amount of information on my site and the poster. I chose most of the helpful information in a website and found a lot.

My organisation skills is good because the site and the poster is well organised. The site has different slides and it tells people about different thins. Even though there’s a lot of information on the poster, it’s still organised. Me and Taiki has to change 1 of the slides with the the other because it was’t in the right order. However, it’s fine now.

I think I need to work on collaboration skills because sometimes we can’t share somethings with each other so the other person couldn’t help. I can improve by using things that could be shared.


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