Always write the homework in google calendar. I will always check the google calendar and write down my homework.I will take a picture.

My goal has been working out great.I always write down my home work on google calendar , and I always check if there’s homework.


I will be principled on field studies when I find money on the ground and nobody was looking, I wouldn’t take it.


I would still have the same amount money  or just a bit less when I buy snacks or food.


Goal 3

I think I should be more organised, always take some time to write it in the google calendar every time in detail and always put a reminder so I don’t forget. I should organise my time for my homework. Maybe I should also check veacross because sometimes, I forget to write it in google calendar.I made this  goal because I sometimes forget homework and have to many homework that’s due the next day since I didn’t do some of the homework on other days.I will always have my calendar opened to remind me when I switch slides. If I finished my homework for the day, I should check my calendar before playing to see if there’s more homework or do something that isn’t due the next day. I should also check on my google calendar  before sleeping.Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.37.23 PM

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