Dragon Days

Playing The Blues

Reflection: When I was recording the blue base line challenge, I had to record many times to make it perfect. The most difficult part of the blues base line challenge was doing it with two hands, because you have to focus on two hands by not messing up, I think this is the most difficult part in the blues base line challenge.

The Issues In Congo

Smart Phones

 The company of the phone that i researched was  Apple. How much does an iphone cost? The average money of a iphone is 649$. What elements or compounds is use in our phones? Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten, Gold these are the compounds and elements that’s use in our phone, but what are they used for. Tin: tin used inside your a phone as a solder on circuit boards.  Tantalum: tantalum used to store electricity in your cellphones. Tungsten: tungsten used to make your cellphone vibrate. Gold: used in a jewellery and as a component in electronics.

Mines in Congo

How do you hire people to go to mines? This is how you hire them, they are being point by guns, Life treats, Physical forced. The biggest reason is to protect yourself or your family, just because we need phones, and maybe we don’t even need them. Some people is using there phone to play games or using facebook. Imagine that, if you are the people that works in the mines what will you feel? Will you feel anger, tired or maybe you think that why is the world so not fair, why do i have to born in this place. I think this is a really big problem for the world.

Children In Congo

Some children are only 7, and are already being force to work in the mines, just because of the people for using phones. Why is the kids working in mines? The kids are working in the mines is because of us, because we need phone so maybe sometimes the company in Congo needs the kids to help them, because they don’t have enough people to make the phones. This is one of the biggest issue in Congo.


People says that Congo is a rich country, but why is the people poor in Congo. One of the issue is there government, if a country’s government can’t work well, the country’s people will be suffering in any problems such as starvation. I think Congo needs a good government to do the right things for there people.

What Can We do to help them?

When i was doing this research i found two websites, one is to help the children’s in money, if you press inside the website, you can donate moneys to the children’s in Congo to help. Let the kids in Congo stop suffering and give them education. The other website is teaching you how to save the peoples in Congo and give them hope.


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What i learned about in community is that, i learned about how to communicate with your friend and care about others, but the most important point is your attitude towards to your friend or your teacher, and of course the thing that you are doing.What i enjoyed in expedition was trying things that i’ve never done such as, mountain biking, be room mates with new friends, and hiking with your group.The thing i did well was, not having arguments with your friend and  me and my room mates communicated with each other really well, so i think i did well in these king of things.I think i’ve grown because i learned some new stuffs and i know how to enjoy the fun in the expedition.


Dragon Days


Designing our project was… Designing my project was awesome ,  we communicated with each other .i think we did a really good job.
Reasons I liked working with my group I like working with my group because we played with each other , and we support  and we won’t leave anyone alone by themselves.
ATL skills that I used well In our group , We had different kind of peoples such as people who does creative thinking and someone who does communicate. My group is

really helpful even we are a  competitor.  

Great moments along the way The great moments was doing the project while having fun. It feels really good when you finished your project
One thing I learned from another group I learned do not be selfish and care about others.
Next time, I will Next time i will do more works because i learned

many things in my group.

Something awesome that I contributed I contributed the film we made , it was about competitive but not too much.if you are too competitive your teammates will not be happy.


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