Art Unit 2 Reflection

My culture Influence is Japanese traditional stencil design. It is hard to choose because there’re a lot of choices so I decided to choose one of the patterns from Japanese traditional stencil design because I enjoy staying in Japan and when I search Japanese Stencil Design, there were one pattern that is interesting to me which is a flower. I like flower because it is beautiful and colourfull so I decided to choose it. My personal Interest is Malaysia flag because I’m from Malaysia. It is important to me because I was born there. It also interesting to form a pattern from a flag. I took 14 strips from the flag and divide by two to make it look the same.

I think I did well on combine my thinking creatively, culture influence and personal interests to make it be one pattern.I put the right place so it becomes a pattern. I also can manage how much the ink do I need. If I could do this project again, I want to make sure that the love and little flower shape will form a pattern that clearly can see. I will carve the shape until it is like I want and if it didn’t work I will try it again. I also will try to come out with different ideas if I could do this project.I’m not going to make the shape or line too small because it would be hard to carve.One of my creative thinking was thought positively about the problem which is the flower and love shape didn’t really look interlock but I think positively by thinking that it will be okay or it will turn out better so I just continue to make it and I like it although it not like what I wish it would turn out like. I could improve my culture influence idea by making the details at the flower more think. I could improve my personal interest by making the shape or lines more bigger.

I made the lines thick because if the lines were thin then it would be hard to carve at the plate. I used magenta, purple and light green for the ink colors and black, pink, dark pink and dark brown for the paper colors. I choose those colors because it kind of match with the pattern that I drew. For example, the pink match with the flower shape, green match with the leaves, brown just for the square or rood and others like purple ink or black just random but I think it turn out looks cool. I did create a pattern by interlocking. It is the half of square but if I print to make it nine it will form a square shape. Actually, the love and the little flower also should be interlocking but we can’t really see it maybe because I didn’t measure the left and right of the shape. I create a unified pattern with my color plan not just put it randomly. For example, I put the purple ink and pink color paper at the bottom corner right side and below black paper magenta ink left the side. White paper and magenta ink in the middle of the line except in the middle. Black paper and magenta ink left side and right side in the middle row. For the light green ink and dark brown paper, I put it in the middle so as you can see it is a unified pattern with my color plan I not just put it randomly.



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