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Autumn Break (POEM)
I did not go to the G.8 expedition. I couldn’t go because of my concerts I had. During the break, I had to practice so much and I also had few [...]
InS8 Religion Blog Post “I believe…”
I believe that humans will reborn I believe that you are the only one to control your self I believe that everyone is connected I believe that if you lie [...]
Art Critique
Personal interest is to play the violin in a dark place and not a bright place because it makes me relaxed and it is important for me because that is what [...]
Myth- Gon the Fox
I had three partners and one of my partner was Ms.Edwards kid and they all said it was “AWESOME” and they liked it because I got in a lot of [...]
Design Specification
What do I need? -I will need something that is soft and will not get bored touching it -Paper -Color -Slime -Sand Р Box -Front cover -Pop up book [...]
My Myth planning!
In English class we have been doing about myth. We are all going to write and draw a myth book to the grade 1 and it could be anyway like picture books. [...]
Hello world!
Welcome to YIS Learning Hub. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
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