Unit 2 Reflection Art


I think that I did well on carving my design because there a few difficult places to carve but I was able to finish it. I also think that I did on using my time well as well because I was never really late for anything and I finished my design or carving or printed when I was supposed to. Some ideas/solutions that I am proud of is for example when I had the idea to show my Japanese culture by drawing lots of mt. fuji’s.


I think that I could improve my cultural influence patterns by not just adding mt. fuji’s but also adding maybe traditional things form only Japan like sweets or buildings. One way to improve my personal interest designs where maybe to make them more clear cause you cant tell were my personal interests are coming from. How I will do this is by adding more details.


I think that my interlocking was pretty accurate and mostly all the sides and places connected, but there were just a few places that didn’t or where a bit off because of my cutting or printing. But overall I think I did well in interlocking and if I were to give a score out of ten it would be around 7. Also my interlocking is cool because if you look at my motif  or one piece you can see that at the top and bottom there are small mt. fuji’s but when you put the motifs together it make a diamond is shape and creates a new shape/design.

Colour Unity

The reason that I choose the colours that I did was because I wanted to make it organised and make a pattern with not just the design of the plates I carved but also with the colours. My colours don’t really symbolize anything but they do show what kind of colours I like.

Art Unit 1 Reflection

Q1. How did your learning help you improve and learn how to draw more realistically?

Before I learnt how to draw self portraits in art class I didn’t know about shadows, highlights of gradation and I was always wondering how people could draw self portraits so realistically and 3d but in art class we learnt all about gradation, highlights and shadows, and I was able to improve a lot on drawing my self, because of all the challenges too, like the gradation scale and all the highlights and shadows that I learnt about and put in my self portrait to make it look 3d, and from after I did unit one I started drawing more 3d and realistically and actually using the different values, because I learnt that if you do have a picture that you are drawing to look into it really carefully because even the smallest details count and can make it even more realistic.


Q2. What two things would you do differently to make you drawing even better?

When we drew our self portraits we weren’t supposed to draw anything on the background so if we could draw it again I would put myself somewhere in the portrait where the background is beautiful and add things on the background that would express how I was feeling or the expression in the self portrait. For example I would draw maybe sakura trees and mount Fuji to show how Im from Japan. If we were to draw self portraits again in art class I would also change my expression a bit because I want to make it look a bit more exiting and to show my personality a bit more by maybe smiling or something. I would also make the shadows darker and the highlights lighter because I was sometimes too lazy to change pencils and some places weren’t dark enough.


Q3. Which two learning words describe you as an artist during this unit?

I think that the best two learning words that described me as an artist in unit 1 was Independence and Thinker. The reason why I choose Independence was because I was able to engage into drawing without really talking to people much and that is also probably why I was able to finish on time.  I also choose thinker because during that unit I was always thinking about how I could make my drawing better and tried coming up with the best solution.

my self portrait



I made a book about the story “The hump taking old man.” I made the book 3d and also colourful, because the audience is going to be  grade 1. I also choose this story because it has a good lesson and it is funny, and also it isn’t violent. One thing that I think I could improve on is using my time effectively, because I didn’t really look at the time so much so at the end I had to rush up and also couldn’t finish everything on time. While making the book I learned how to make a pop up picture, the kind that pops out when you open the page. I think that I found making the pictures fun and easy but writing the myth was a little hard because I overwrote so I had to cut it down and that took a while. I think that if I were to make this again I would change the parts that look a little rushed, because they look like they have been drawn randomly. I would also change some of the materials I used because it might look better than the one I made. I think that what I have learned during making this book will help me in the future is for example if I wanted to be a writer or an illustrator maybe the things I learnt during making the book, could of helped me. Also I think that the skills I learned in this project might help my other projects too. I think that the book I made is the right size because I think that the 1st graders prefer bigger books than small ones. I also think that they like pop ups and feeling things so I made the book like that. It was really fun making this book and I think that I learned lots of things while making it. I really hope there will be a project like this again.

Creating the Solution


In this picture I had just finished putting in the words and the main picture, of the last page. I think that I could have maybe fill up the page more but I didn’t  have enough time so I think that next time I should be more time organised.


For this picture I finished the first image/page and I am pretty happy about it. But if next time I could change it a bit I would make the house look better because it looks a bit like it has been drawn randomly and quickly.


 Here I am in the middle of making the second page but I finished putting in the pictures and