Visual Art Reflection 6H Akshay

When we were learning about drawing our self-portraits I learnt different skills and different tools to use to make my drawings more three dimensional. For example I learnt how to use a blending stump. The blending stump makes your pencil lines into a lighter color so that it makes it more 3 dimensional. Another skill is making highlights, when you create highlights you erase parts to make it look like the photo and the lightness. We practiced peer critiquing and the words we looked for were contrast, position size and shape. We also practiced vocabulary like value, gradation, contrast, and interpretation. One skill I learnt was in order to make a picture look 3-D you need to have different values. Before actually drawing your whole face we practiced drawing the eyes, nose, and mouth.

If I drew another self-portrait I would go back and compare my picture to my drawing and look at what was realistic and what needed more work on. If I had another try I would use different pencils for different values because this  time I used only 2 pencils and that didn’t make the shadows and that is why it didn’t look 3D

In this unit I gained more of the communicating skill because in this unit we learned that we should ask other people about how to improve and what was looking good and if the the position, shape, and size was right. We also were interdependent on each other because we needed our friends opinion and they needed ours.  I think next time if I communicated with more people other than just one person I would know what many people think not just the same person.

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