Science Blog post Fertility and infertility.


In this blog post I will be talking about what is fertility and why it is important to be  fertile.

Fertility is the process when an egg and a sperm meet, that is when a baby will start to develop. It is important to be fertile because if you aren’t fertile you can’t create a baby unless you use medical treatment and surgery.

If a men is infertile it is usually due to semen strength and semen quality. In a woman if you are infertile it is usually because ovulatory problems or because of drinking too much. One way to help is extracting the egg and sperm and making them meet outside the body then being implanted back into the woman. Some people think this is unethical so they have a method where they extract the egg and sperm and let it grow outside the body. Another way is when a woman has an ovulatory problem they can take a medication called clomifene. This is medication that will encourage the body to expel eggs once a month.

These solutions affect our health in good and bad ways. They could stop a problem but they could also have side effects like weight changes and mood changes.

A benefit of these are they can help stop or treat infertility.




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