Unit 2 art reflection

In this unit I have learnt many concepts about printmaking and carving your plate. I have accomplished a lot this unit. I have finished drawing my design and carving. In this unit I think my design didn’t have flaws and was simple but was still cool. In my opinion the one thing I did the best in was drawing my design. I was proud of symbolizing the things I like and what I believe in. I think that while I was carving I made a few mistakes that completely stand out in the design. I think I could have given some more information or added more cultural influence because I only drew one thick line.   I think I could draw the whole dog not just the ear of the dog.

My project interlocks very well. When my design interlocks it creates more shapes and for example the 2 dog ears form a oval.  I chose my colors wisely and made everything have 2 of each except the centre. I chose these colors because they all contrast with my choice of ink (yellow). I think that the color plan was unified due to all the colors contrasting and was making the design easier to see with the (yellow) ink.



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