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In this paragraph, I will talk about the materials that are mined and how they are used. Conflict minerals are minerals that are mined from conflict zones. A conflict zone is a place where the minerals are mined but the miners are forced to do it and work hard labor for no money.  The work that they do is what gives us the smartphones that we all love and that they are working against their will just to get you your smartphones. They’re are kids that work in the mines and die at an early age due to lack of oxygen. The minerals that are mined and are used in smart phones are these most common minerals, Tungsten, Tin, Tantalum, and Gold. These minerals are getting innocent people killed.

The work that the slaves are doing are hurting innocents and is ethically wrong. The impact that mining is causing to the people and to the location of the mining is hurting the ecosystem. The mining can impact the ecosystem by impacting droughts. The people that work in the mines that are kids barely and very few of them live to more than 20. The miners are taken from families and forced to do cheap labor with no income and barely any self treatment and hygiene. They are treated like animals and have barely and food to eat and they don’t see there families again. The money that the slaves’ lords get are a result from selling the minerals to companies in many countries. With that money the crime lords get more weapons and that will threaten the people. These people have a very slim chance to escape.

To solve this problem I have devised a solution. The solution is to put up posters to raise awareness about the kids in Africa that are taken hostage and forced to work so we should remind people that we should recycle our phones ad give them back to companies that manufacture phones so that they can recycle the minerals and give in the newer models so that people can at least not waste the minerals that the slaves mined against their will. We could do this to show respect that we care that their labor is giving us our phones but we should try not to throw away electronics so that their work is not useless.




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