Reflection For my Myth for first graders

I think that my Myth was very clear for the students in first grade. It had clear font, fantastic illustration and so on. What I did well was the story, the kids were into the book and they really enjoyed a lot. What I did ok on is the base of the book. It did not look like a book and it was a little dirty but how attached the writing was good. What I need to improve on is my illustration because my illustration was pretty bad and it was kind of dirty. For example my boat illustration, it was like a normal box than a boat so I was kind of embarrassed of that. it was fun reading to the first graders and I hope I can do it again.

Evaluation of my myth illustration


This photo is the finished product of my myth illustration. I completed some of the design specifications but not all of them because first, I was thinking of making a book but I did not have that many resources so I made a different type of illustration. What I had trouble on was binding part because the foam was very strong and I need it to reinforce the foam. Next time I will try to make a much better plan.

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