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Many Apple electronics are made of different types of minerals. These minerals are mined mostly by machines but lots of kids are also mining these minerals every day. Mining minerals can cause major conflicts because mines and dungeons can fall apart or animals in the mine can attack you etc. One example could be diseases that minerals produce which can decrease life expectancy or cause severe pain or maybe death. Also, children can face huge stress caused by harsh muscle pain or tiredness that can cause death. Since technology is developing and more electronics are manufactured. This causes more minerals and resources to be shipped. This means Children needs to work harder than ever which will cause more and more death and decrease life expectancy drastically. This process should be fixed because these poor children need to work hard to earn money and live. The study shows the life expectancy of these children is extremely short compared to average children.

Young children around 7-year-olds are forced to work in the mines while there are war and major catastrophe going on. These children work 24 hours straight and gain less than 2 dollars each day and some of them get less than that. Faustin Adeye the Catholic Charity Misereor said “Many children are often physically ruined as a result. There are whole excavations which they dig up with their bare hands using machetes spades.”This means that they are forced to work and they’re doing it for more money to help them survive. This can cause physical shutdown and if lots of children die from this, Major products and companies, for example, Apple will have a huge conflict that modern technology will be hard to manufacture and create. This clearly shows that these children are in severe danger and they’re still forced to work.


Every single day these poor children are working hard to earn money to live. These children get less than 2 dollars every day. Working in the mines that is extremely dangerous. This can be solved by donating money to these children by using kiva or other types of charity websites. Since lots of people use charity websites, tons of money can be sent to these children so almost all of these children can have supplies that will last about a week or maybe a month. Using the money that they get, they can buy gloves and other gadgets to protect themselves. This can help these innocent children and increase their life expectancy.


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Unit 2 Printmaking Art Final Reflection

In art class, we were working on a printmaking project where we using a motif we made on our own and create a pattern using a printing block and different types of inks. What I did well on is Explaining why I chose that design and how it symbolizes me. For example on the first motif sketch I explained why the basketball symbolize by talking about what I like about basketball. The ideas that im proud of is drawing different motifs and using bunch of ideas and putting them into one to create a big motif. Next time I could improve my cultural influence is add more cultural things to make the motif balanced. For my personal interest, I could explain about the theme. For example a complex technology theme, I could say “For example computer coding.”

I thinking my interlocking is slightly inaccurate but it’s mostly correct. I tried to use a ruler to figure out the interlock. It was very hard to and next time I will ask the teacher for help. Interlocking does create new shapes and also a new pattern because lets say if you add a rectangle with different shapes on each corner and print it on each paper each paper, it would still be the same on each side but it might look cooler and very interesting. My color plan is unified  and the reason why I chose Blue, turquoise, Black is because blue is one of my favorite color and it reminds me of ocean. Turquoise because it is similar to blue and like I said Blue is one of my favorite color. Black because It shows power and strength. My colors



Reflection about Unit 1 self portrait

Q1. Explain how did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically?

This helped me Improved and learn by communicating classmates and the teacher what I should Change. Due to that I learned what I should work on next and that teached me about using the gradations and making it three-dimensional. I also used peer edit to help me improve and learn because when I look at them I can find mistakes and learn from that. For example the shape, lines and Value.

Q2. What two things would you do differently to make the drawing even better

What I would do is work on the right ear because I accidentally made a mistake on the ear because I used my blending stump too hard that it scratched the paper. So I will Use the tools carefully and work on it sharply. Also I would work on the Jaw because I could not finish the shading due to the other things like the eyes and the hair. To do that I will come to open studio more so I have enough time.

Q3. Which 2 learning words best describe you as an artist during this unit/why these 2 words describe what you have discovered about yourself

I would chose creativity and communicator because after few days learning about Communicating with each other I asked a lot of people about my portrait and feedbacks and me and the classmates communicated a lot. For creativity, I used my knowledge and critical thinking to draw my portrait. I was thinking about The contrast and the proportion so I could make it my drawing realistic.


Here are the pictures


Reflection For my Myth for first graders

I think that my Myth was very clear for the students in first grade. It had clear font, fantastic illustration and so on. What I did well was the story, the kids were into the book and they really enjoyed a lot. What I did ok on is the base of the book. It did not look like a book and it was a little dirty but how attached the writing was good. What I need to improve on is my illustration because my illustration was pretty bad and it was kind of dirty. For example my boat illustration, it was like a normal box than a boat so I was kind of embarrassed of that. it was fun reading to the first graders and I hope I can do it again.

Evaluation of my myth illustration


This photo is the finished product of my myth illustration. I completed some of the design specifications but not all of them because first, I was thinking of making a book but I did not have that many resources so I made a different type of illustration. What I had trouble on was binding part because the foam was very strong and I need it to reinforce the foam. Next time I will try to make a much better plan.

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