French Textbook Answers Pt. 2

Complete this conversation between Rémy and Louise with the correct contractions with à.

  1. à la
  2. ou
  3. le
  4. la
  5. à la
  6. ou

Answer the following questions.

  1. Name three French comic books.
  2. What kind of North African music is popular in France?
  3. What kinds of activities can you do at an MJC?
  1. Astérix, Tin-Tin, Le Chat
  2. Rap et Raï
  3. Dessiner, Etudier, Faire du Sport

Listen to this conversation, then say whether the statements that follow are a) vrai (true) or b) faux (false).

  1. Thomas’ favorite activity is reading.

    2. Manon is not a very good soccer player.

    3. Thomas plays soccer a lot.

    4. Manon only likes activities that she can do with friends.

    5. Thomas and Manon both prefer to read magazines.

  1. Faux
  2. Vrai
  3. Vrai
  4. Faux
  5. Faux



French Textbook Answers


Say whether you like or dislike these things or activities.

  1. J’adore lire bande dessine.
  2. J’aime bien regarder la television.
  3. J’aime etudier le français.
  4. J’aime bien dormir.
  5. J’adore manger les frites.
  6. J’aime surfer sur Internet.

Use the correct form of the verbs to complete Vincent’s journal entry.

  1. Je m’apelle Vincent. Mes amis Karim, François et moi, nous aimons les BD et les magazines. Karim aime lire le journal. François et moi nous n’aimons pas lire le journal. Moi, j’adore dessine. Je dessine bien. Karim et François n’aiment pas dessiner. Ils dessinent mal. Ils préférent écoutent de la musique. Et ils adorent chanter!

Tell whether these sentences are a) logical or b) illogical.

  1. B
  2. A
  3. A
  4. B
  5. B

Final English Project Reflection

I think that the first graders enjoyed my story. I think this because they seemed to be very engaged in the story and the illustrations. From the first grader’s feedback , I think that next time that we do a project like this I will make the story have less words and more detail. The purpose of this project was to teach a first grader a life lesson or moral with a myth. I think that the first graders did not quite understand the morals because when I told them what I thought the moral of the story was, they didn’t seem to understand what I meant. But overall, I think the project went quite well.

English Myth Project Evaluation


Today in class, I finished my myth diorama. The project was initially supposed to be a book but I wanted to make a diorama because I thought it would be more interactive and easier for a group of people to read. I think that I used my time wisely while I was making this project because I was done before a lot of people in my class and met most if not all my expectations in my design specification. I am pretty much happy with the final piece but I think that it would be better if it was bigger. I think that the grade one’s will not be able to operate the book easily because you have to switch out the scenes and match them with the correct background. I tried to fix this problem by adding numbers to the corners so that they could match the numbers on the ground to the backgrounds. I hope that the grade one’s will like my diorama and be able to operate it.

English Myth Project: Creating the Solution


Today I worked more on my English project and I think that I am finished. Next, I will need to look at my design specification and see if I have met all of my expectations. The photos above are my finished illustrations. The first picture is the cover of my “book”. The second picture is the first scene of the story when the man is about to cut down the bamboo tree. The third picture is the second scene where the five princes are asking for Kaguyahime’s hand in marriage. The fourth picture is the third and final scene where Kaguyahime is travelling back to the moon.