English Myth Project Evaluation


Today in class, I finished my myth diorama. The project was initially supposed to be a book but I wanted to make a diorama because I thought it would be more interactive and easier for a group of people┬áto read. I think that I used my time wisely while I was making this project because I was done before a lot of people in my class and met most if not all my expectations in my design specification. I am pretty much happy with the final piece but I think that it would be better if it was bigger. I think that the grade one’s will not be able to operate the book easily because you have to switch out the scenes and match them with the correct background. I tried to fix this problem by adding numbers to the corners so that they could match the numbers on the ground to the backgrounds. I hope that the grade one’s will like my diorama and be able to operate it.

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