French Textbook Answers Pt. 2

Complete this conversation between Rémy and Louise with the correct contractions with à.

  1. à la
  2. ou
  3. le
  4. la
  5. à la
  6. ou

Answer the following questions.

  1. Name three French comic books.
  2. What kind of North African music is popular in France?
  3. What kinds of activities can you do at an MJC?
  1. Astérix, Tin-Tin, Le Chat
  2. Rap et Raï
  3. Dessiner, Etudier, Faire du Sport

Listen to this conversation, then say whether the statements that follow are a) vrai (true) or b) faux (false).

  1. Thomas’ favorite activity is reading.

    2. Manon is not a very good soccer player.

    3. Thomas plays soccer a lot.

    4. Manon only likes activities that she can do with friends.

    5. Thomas and Manon both prefer to read magazines.

  1. Faux
  2. Vrai
  3. Vrai
  4. Faux
  5. Faux



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