French Coat of Arms Reflection

I feel that this coat of arms symbolizes loyalty to my friends and family. I used the fleur de lis to show this. Although the fleur de lis shows loyalty to France and its traditions, I feel that this could show loyalty to other things in people’s lives. I chose to use black and white instead of using colors to show that I like more traditional and simple things and that I have a slightly reserved personality rather than a very outgoing personality. I put the interesting swirl design to show that I also have an interesting and fun side of me as well. The motto that I chose was “In Omnia Paratus” which“Ready for Anything” in Latin.


French Textbook Answers Pt. 2

Complete this conversation between Rémy and Louise with the correct contractions with à.

  1. à la
  2. ou
  3. le
  4. la
  5. à la
  6. ou

Answer the following questions.

  1. Name three French comic books.
  2. What kind of North African music is popular in France?
  3. What kinds of activities can you do at an MJC?
  1. Astérix, Tin-Tin, Le Chat
  2. Rap et Raï
  3. Dessiner, Etudier, Faire du Sport

Listen to this conversation, then say whether the statements that follow are a) vrai (true) or b) faux (false).

  1. Thomas’ favorite activity is reading.

    2. Manon is not a very good soccer player.

    3. Thomas plays soccer a lot.

    4. Manon only likes activities that she can do with friends.

    5. Thomas and Manon both prefer to read magazines.

  1. Faux
  2. Vrai
  3. Vrai
  4. Faux
  5. Faux



French Textbook Answers


Say whether you like or dislike these things or activities.

  1. J’adore lire bande dessine.
  2. J’aime bien regarder la television.
  3. J’aime etudier le français.
  4. J’aime bien dormir.
  5. J’adore manger les frites.
  6. J’aime surfer sur Internet.

Use the correct form of the verbs to complete Vincent’s journal entry.

  1. Je m’apelle Vincent. Mes amis Karim, François et moi, nous aimons les BD et les magazines. Karim aime lire le journal. François et moi nous n’aimons pas lire le journal. Moi, j’adore dessine. Je dessine bien. Karim et François n’aiment pas dessiner. Ils dessinent mal. Ils préférent écoutent de la musique. Et ils adorent chanter!

Tell whether these sentences are a) logical or b) illogical.

  1. B
  2. A
  3. A
  4. B
  5. B