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Basketball is the solution

Sup readers

Hey guys! This is Tyler. Here is a quick introduction about me. 1, I love basketball. I play as a post but kinda want to be a forward. I like the Utah Jazz basketball team. 2, I love books and… Continue Reading →

Conflict minerals

Do you know what’s on your phone and computer? There are many things like Tin, Tantalum, and tungsten. Tantalum is used to store electricity. Tungsten makes your phone vibrate. Tin is used as a solder for the circuit board. This is used… Continue Reading →

Self Management Dragon Days Video

Hope you like it.

Reflection unit 2 art

This unit we were supposed to carve and be able to print the motif by class 16. I had weaknesses and strengths. I did very well making my patterns and carving it, and I could do it really quickly, while… Continue Reading →

Tyler’s refection on unit 1

This is both my old drawing and the latest drawing of myself. Obviously there is no gradation in the first photo,  in art class I learned that there are no lines on my face except inside the eyes.  I needed… Continue Reading →

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