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My cultural influence is Vietnam(where I come from) because whenever I think about Vietnam, I feel more at home and more comfortable. I put it in this pattern because the national flag has a star in the middle, like my pattern. I came up with five different motifs and patterns. I used red and blue because they are complementary colours, opposite to my other colours. My other colours are green and yellow, which are analogous colours. Both my print colours are colours from the flag of Vietnam(red and yellow). Another cultural in my print is the circle in the middle. This represents the flag of Japan(that has a circle in the middle). I chose Japan because that is where I live now. I also like many things that come from Japan, like the food, the environment, the people, and much more. My personal interest is food, I have ice cream on my plate, but I don’t like ice cream, but seeing people eat it is fascinating because although I don’t like it, the appearance of ice cream feels good. My other personal interest is nature, and how it protects us. With the Japanese circle in the middle and the ice cream surrounding it, it looks kind of the sun. The sun makes me feel safe outside everyday. The curves that interlock on all corners represent the pretty rainbows that appear sometimes.




I think that what I did well was that the colours stand out and the pattern is interesting and has different colours that connect or interlock. The main motif looked like a couple of different things, depending on what your perspective is. So if you see things that other people haven’t spotted, then you can explain to your friends and they can all see from different perspectives. These are some I found:

  1. Japan circle + Ice cream
  2. The sun and rainbow
  3. An arrow shooting at soldiers
  4. A big ball surrounded by people
  5. An ice cream factory

And those are my few examples. I hope you can figure out others. It may depend on your feeling. If you’re hungry, you would automatically spot the ice cream. If you are happy, you would see the sun.  Things that I could improve are that the ‘rainbows’ on the corners could be a bit more equal so that they have more unity and look better. I could also improve the amount of negative space so that the prints look more even. Something that also bothers me is that my lightning next to the japanese circle have too little negative space in the middle, so now little bits of ink is seen on the lightning bolt in prints. Another thing is that my lines on the ice cream are not straight, so it looks a little strange and uneven. If they were straight, it would look better. The other day, I also had to finish quickly, so I used two trays of ink at once. I printed with red first, and I didn’t wash carefully enough, so some of the ink stayed, so when I printed with yellow, some prints had a bit of red. Because of this, I had to redo a couple.I would measure the patterns and I would carve out straighter lines. The plan would have more equal lines. There would also be more detail and more patterns in the middle. I might use red and white print colours and the plate would have star in the middle, which would mean I would have switched cultural influences.I would choose a country with a colourful flag, like Jamaica, because those colours would look good on prints. Like yellow on black paper would stand out very well with black being the colour of the paper. I think this because yellow is a very bright colour, and black is very dark. So yellow would stand out a lot. The colours are also polychromatic.I would change my personal interest by thinking more creatively and thinking about all the designs I like and how I could repeat it and it would become a pattern that interlocks. There are lots of things I like, such as cats, food, video games, and more. So thinking of something won’t be a problem. But something that interlocks with something else is hard to find, or rare. For example, a pattern consisting of just personal interests would be a bit boring, so I would try to get the amount of personal interest on the plate as I would with Cultural influence to even it out.



I used mostly curved lines(the circle in the middle, the ice cream, and the corners) because I think that they look nice neat.I also used straight lines(that weren’t so straight) on the ice cream cone so that my motif looked more even and nice. Lastly, I used zig zag lines for the lightning bolts on the sides so that the motif would look stylish and it would have a different ring to it than the other patterns on the plate.The colours I chose for the prints was red and yellow. I chose these because they represent my national flag, Vietnam. I chose to put it in the pattern like a star because Vietnam is my second cultural influence. My paper colours are blue for red ink(complementary colours) and green for yellow ink(analogous colours). I chose these because they look good when interlocking and they also are the colours that are most commonly known around the world.My lightning bolts interlock well because they are equal. But my curved lines on the corners, however, do not all interlock well because I didn’t measure them so that all of them would be equal. If I were to do it again, I would make the curved lines all equal. I chose specific colours that represent my second cultural influences (Vietnam) flag. My pattern is like the star and the red in the flag. In the flag, the star represents the bravery of the soldiers, and the red surrounding it is the blood of the soldiers who fell. My choice was very obvious because I come from Vietnam, and also when I think about it, I feel more at home.

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