“I believe… “

  1. I believe that karma can happen to everyone
  2. I believe that there is some type of afterlife once you die.
  3. I believe that there are angels on your left and right shoulder
  4. I believe in muslim
  5. I believe that there are dopplegangers
  6. I believe that everyone has a soul
  7. I believe that people have a choice and freedom and they should be able to do in what they believe in
  8. I believe in Zodiac signs
  9. I believe that everyone is good at first
  10. I believe that if you do something good you can be rewarded

Science Conflict minerals blog post (safety)

Technology is an important thing in our lives, we all use it in our everyday life but it’s important to know how our technology is made.There are many important materials that go into our technology and those are Al-Aluminum, Si-silicon, Ta-tantalum, Cu-copper, Co-cobalt, Sn-Tin, Au-Gold, W-Tungsten and Anodised aluminum. A lot of miners can find all of these materials in Cerro Rico(Bolivia), Indonesia’s Bangka Island and The Democratic Republic of Congo. Carbon and Oxygen can be found in the phone’s plastics and its battery.Cobalt is a primary ingredient in the lithium-ion battery, slabs of silicone are used to make the chips in most technology.Now, the newest metal cases of iPhones are made out of anodized aluminum and tungsten, makes our phone vibrate. They use cobalt(batteries) because batteries include cobalt to improve the oxidation of nickel in the battery,  the use tungsten since Tungsten has such a high temperature it is used in many high-temperature applications.They also use copper because circuits and printed circuit boards increasingly feature copper in place of aluminum because of its superior electrical conductivity. As you can see there are so many things that go to our everyday material, so it’s important to take good care of our phones and computers because it’s actually hard to make.

There are many issues with mining but the one that I’m going to focus on is Safety. One of the big problems is when little kids are forced to mine. Miners are risking their life by mining in unsafe mines. Kids are also risking their lives by mining in deep mines in Congo. The oxygen in the tunnels are thick and there are many rockslides.  In the democratic republic of Congo most mining is done by hand, It’s a labor-intensive process that requires hauling away layers of dirt and rock, sometimes 50 feet deep, to expose ancient beds of gravel where the crystals are found. Pollution caused by copper and cobalt has poisoned most of the cities near mines in Congo. Which means that there are a lot of people that get a lot of sickness and birth defects. We know that a lot of miners are dying for our technology and in a site, it said,“Miners are risking their lives to provide you with your devices”. We also know that a lot of the mines aren’t safe because of this evidence, “It supports beams are split and cracked, and the air in the tunnel is thick.” As you can see there are many child labor problems but there also a couple ways to help.

Since there are many problems with mining safety we as a school can actually help in many ways. We can’t actually go there and help directly but there are many indirect ways to help. One of we can do to help is actually supporting the  Donors and UN agencies that are trying to stop child labor in mining. We can donate money to the agencies and Donors so they can help stop child labor in some of the conflict mining cities. There are actually a lot of agencies trying to stop and help child labor in mining. Another way we can help is if other cities stop buying or demand less gold because then there will be fewer demands for gold which mean that there will also be fewer demands for miners.Helping and getting involved with child labor mining problems isn’t and shouldn’t be that hard, like using fewer pads or technology so there will be fewer demands.



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Desjardins, Jeff. “The Extraordinary Raw Materials in an IPhone 6s.” Visual Capitalist, 10 Mar. 2016, http://www.visualcapitalist.com/extraordinary-raw-materials-iphone-6s/.


reflection for my coat of arms

This is my coat of arms that I made at class. As you can see it’s very colorful and detailed. I made it like that because bright colors define me sort of I mean I am a person that loves colorful things and I’m a very optimistic person and I put some flower emojis and an emoji crown if you noticed, because I love emojis and they are also pretty colorful. I put a basketball in the middle because Basketball is my favorite sport. I also put the unicorn and lion in the sides because they had the same symbols in Canada and so it kind of reminds me of Canada. The motto below is “toujours sourire et rire.” which means always smile and laugh. This is basically a message about me that says I’m optimistic and happy

Myth Re-Telling finale

1. paragraph about your audience feedback i) what they said i) how well they enjoyed it with evidence.

The first grader’s feedback was that I should make the books longer and add more pictures. I agree with them now actually. The first page seemed kind of boring with a really long writing and one picture in the first page. I honestly think i should add more pictures and maybe less writing to make it less boring. The first graders were paying attention to the books but I may have lost them in the first page because of the really long writing luckily they were paying attention again by the second page. It seems that they were paying attention to both of the books because when we asked them questions they replied.

2. your feelings, area to improve, if you could do it all over again. What would u change? what would you keep the same?

I felt really happy to make a book for first graders really and it was really fun to cut, glue, paste and make all of the book parts and when I had to read it to the first graders I was really happy and excited because I finally get to show my book to the audience. I think I would make the book longer and make it less boring by adding more pictures and adding less writing like in the first page. I would also make the details glue or stick better because some parts was breaking when I read it. I would keep the cover page and my way of telling the story because in the cover page i worked really hard for it to work and the story is very interesting and has a good life lesson.

my book     

Art reflection


My cultural influence was north America. It was my cultural influence because I once lived in North America in Canada and I saw the totem poles and the patterns in the totem poles so I really liked them. I like the designs in the totem poles because of the unique faces like the expressions is good because there are sad, happy and excited expressions in the totem poles The other reason i like totem poles is that When you make totem poles it takes you effort to make it and I enjoy something that you take time on. I also liked how the patterns are unique by the triangles and I also like the totem poles design that is in Canada. I think there is a story to each totem pole but I don’t know them. My personal interest is cats and i chose that because I adore cats and I had two pet cats that i care about. They were my first ever pets so it made a big impact on me. It changed me because I had to care about my pets and i learnt how to care and take responsibility for something. I really liked them because I saw them since they were little kittens to big cats. They also comforted me when I felt sad and it made me feel better honestly. Sadly i had to leave them.


I think I liked how it turned out like in the beginning I thought it was going to turn out bad because I thought it wasn’t going to interlock because I had to take many trials but I like the color scheme like the bright purple and red it looked like a combination of stand out or popping out colors to me and I like how the prints interlock in the end like the butterfly from the paws. I also liked how the purple and yellow stood out the most in the prints.I would maybe change my colour plan to a softer colour like light blue or soft pink. I would also change the stlyes in my printing like the paws and the cultural influence. I think I should so it in a softer color because maybe it would match better and the colors wouldn’t be too intense. I could change it by picking another cultural influence or making another pattern from the north American designs to another pattern from the same culture but a bit more complicated.I would change the cultural influence because I didn’t know the history to the totem poles and maybe next time I would like to learn it. I also don’t exactly know how they make the totem poles so maybe I would like to see how to make it and all I know that is that it takes efort and time. I also would like to know why they make totem poles like is there a reason or just a decoration. so that’s why I want to change it next time.I could have improved it by making my personal interest more complicated or more detailed. Like for example I could have picked the cat thing but I could have drawn their favorite toy or something instead of cat paws.


The type of lines in my artwork are triangles,some curved shapes for the paw, the outer square in the middle I used straight lines I mostly have triangles because of the north american patterns. I have some circles under the paws. I used black, crimson red, purple and yellow. The reason I used those colors was that I really wanted to make colours that stood out like the purple on yellow and the red on the black. I Really like things that stand out and something weird or unsual so that is what I was trying to do on the print with the colours. I also like the red and purple because the purple is vibrant yet soft but on the yellow it makes it look vibrant and stand out even in the dark. It took me a really long time to make it interlock but I did aim to get it interlocking in the beginning. It is pretty interlocking but in the beginning it took me a really long time to make it good using the paint. i did know what the interlocking will look like in the end like the butterfly paw and the triangles. I used a unified pattern for the color plan because I wanted the middle to stand out more than the edges. i did change my color plan quite a lot but as I went on I decide what was best and what was bad.




My art.

Je me prépare pour mon examen

1.Say whether you like or dislike these things or activities.

1.Je ‘aime lire la bande dessine.

2. Je ‘aime regarder la tele

3.Je ‘aime etudier le français

4. Je ‘adore dormir.

5. Je n’ pas les frites.

6.  Je aime surfer sur internet


2.Use the correct form of the verbs to complete Vincent’s

journal entry.


Aime, lire, dessinous, dessine, aiment, dessinent, ecoutent, adorent

       3. Tell whether these sentences are a) logical or b)illogical

1. Sarah adore jouer aux échecs. Elle ne joue jamais aux échecs (b

2. Caroline aime manger. Elle préfère manger au café (a

3. Pascaline ne joue pas au base-ball. Elle n’aime pas le base-ball (a

4. Sylvestre nage souvent. Il déteste nager. (b

5. Farida adore les romans et les bandes dessinées. Elle n’aimepas lire (b


To make this book I will need

  • Sand
  • Felt
  • Construction paper
  • Shiny/Origami gold paper
  • Big white pom poms/ Fluff
  • Hard A3 paper
  • Fabric
  • Tissue paper
  • Pom poms
  • Markers
  • colored pencils
  • String or yarn

To make it I will need to Use A3 paper to glue the stuff down but first I will get sand and glue it on the cover page. For the water I will use blue tissue paper. I will also use Felt for the boats and trees. After that keep doing it for all the pages. Once i have done that i will join the 5 pages together.

1 2