Myth Re-Telling finale

1. paragraph about your audience feedback i) what they said i) how well they enjoyed it with evidence.

The first grader’s feedback was that I should make the books longer and add more pictures. I agree with them now actually. The first page seemed kind of boring with a really long writing and one picture in the first page. I honestly think i should add more pictures and maybe less writing to make it less boring. The first graders were paying attention to the books but I may have lost them in the first page because of the really long writing luckily they were paying attention again by the second page. It seems that they were paying attention to both of the books because when we asked them questions they replied.

2. your feelings, area to improve, if you could do it all over again. What would u change? what would you keep the same?

I felt really happy to make a book for first graders really and it was really fun to cut, glue, paste and make all of the book parts and when I had to read it to the first graders I was really happy and excited because I finally get to show my book to the audience. I think I would make the book longer and make it less boring by adding more pictures and adding less writing like in the first page. I would also make the details glue or stick better because some parts was breaking when I read it. I would keep the cover page and my way of telling the story because in the cover page i worked really hard for it to work and the story is very interesting and has a good life lesson.

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