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reflection for my coat of arms

This is my coat of arms that I made at class. As you can see it’s very colorful and detailed. I made it like that because bright colors define me sort of I mean I am a person that loves colorful things and I’m a very optimistic person and I put some flower emojis and an emoji crown if you noticed, because I love emojis and they are also pretty colorful. I put a basketball in the middle because Basketball is my favorite sport. I also put the unicorn and lion in the sides because they had the same symbols in Canada and so it kind of reminds me of Canada. The motto below is “toujours sourire et rire.” which means always smile and laugh. This is basically a message about me that says I’m optimistic and happy

Je me prépare pour mon examen

1.Say whether you like or dislike these things or activities.

1.Je ‘aime lire la bande dessine.

2. Je ‘aime regarder la tele

3.Je ‘aime etudier le français

4. Je ‘adore dormir.

5. Je n’ pas les frites.

6.  Je aime surfer sur internet


2.Use the correct form of the verbs to complete Vincent’s

journal entry.


Aime, lire, dessinous, dessine, aiment, dessinent, ecoutent, adorent

       3. Tell whether these sentences are a) logical or b)illogical

1. Sarah adore jouer aux échecs. Elle ne joue jamais aux échecs (b

2. Caroline aime manger. Elle préfère manger au café (a

3. Pascaline ne joue pas au base-ball. Elle n’aime pas le base-ball (a

4. Sylvestre nage souvent. Il déteste nager. (b

5. Farida adore les romans et les bandes dessinées. Elle n’aimepas lire (b