Prépare-toi pour l’examen Answers

  1. Say whether you like or dislike these things or activities:

Je n’aime pas les bande dessine, J’aime regarde la télè, je n’aime pas etudier, J’adore dormir!, J’aime manger, Je n’aime pas surfer sur internet


aime, lire, dessiner, dessiner, aimer, dessiner, écouter, adorer


3.  Tell whether these sentences are a) logical or b) illogical. 

Sarah adore jouer aux échecs. Elle ne joue jamais aux échecs (b)

Caroline aime manger. Elle préfère manger au café (a)

Pascaline ne joue pas au base-ball. Elle n’aime pas le base-ball. (b)

Sylvestre nage souvent. Il déteste nager (b)

Farida adore les romans et les bandes dessinées. Elle n’aime pas lire. (a)





Drama Video #1 – Little Red Riding Hood Practice 1

This is the video for out drama practice #1 – Video reflection on our play practice! (Little Red Riding Hood)

Reflection For My Book For First Grade

I think that my story for the first graders went well, but there were a few flaws that could be improved on, for example when I open my book it ripped the paper that was supposed to be the grass and it looked kind of messy. I think that the first graders liked my book because when I asked them what I did well they said that I did well and that they liked then book but the drawings could have been improved on. I agree with them completely because when we were making the pictures I didn’t use my time very well which meant that the  pictures didn’t look absolutely amazing. I think that if I was a first grader some of the english was hard to understand, and the whole point was to be able to just give them my book and they would be able to figure it out by themselves and I wouldn’t have to help them at all. But I sometimes had to explain to them what a work meant or how something happened or how Styf got to that town, and I think that if I took more time to work on that then it would have been quite a bit better than it is now. All of the first graders that I read my book to seemed engaged and interested in my book and were wanting to know what happened next! One of my main face-plants was the elf that I drew because some of the children that I read my book to were just staring at the elf and weren’t paying attention to the actual book and story.

Design Cycle ‘Evaluation’

img_0484 img_0493

These are two pictures of my book for the first graders! If I could do it again I would use different materials because it kept on falling apart and I had to keep on using hot glue to try and keep it together. I would also make the elf again because he looks a bit creepy, and if I was a first grader I would find it scary! I think I used my time affectively and I got everything done on time. There weren’t many bumps in the road but there was one where I made too many holes with the hole puncher and it completely ruined the picture, but I fixed that by making a new one which probably affected my time consuming. Some of the strengths of my design is that it doesn’t break easily and all of the pictures are in order and are connected to the story. Some of the weaknesses are that the elf falls over sometimes, the grass doesn’t go all the way to the sides of the book and on the sun you can see the hot glue. But those things are all things that could be improved on, and I would like to work on this a bit more to find all of the design flaws and flaws in general! I think that this design is good because it has a lot of potential and is different from other books!!!

My French Wordle


This is from the beginning of the year. we had to find all of the words in english that actually come from the french language.

Design Brief #4 (Creating the Solution)


My Design Brief for my Myth Retelling


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