Unit 2 Art Reflection

In my final  project, I think I have done interlocking very well. This is because for my personal interest I had chosen a music symbol, which I thought didn’t interlock, but soon with creative thinking I connected the symbol and made it interlock. I think I have done well is choosing various colors that will contrast well. For example I have chosen yellow ink and purple paper and purple ink and yellow paper, because these color are complementary color meaning they are the opposite from each other in the color wheel, so it will have contrast.  A solution I am proud of is when I needed to add a cultural influence and my motif wasn’t interlocking I made 1/4 of the Thai flag as best as I could  in the corner so it would interlock and that is how I solved the problem. Another solution I am proud of is my measuring because instead of taking ages to measure, I scaled my shapes in my motif to the squares in the transferring paper, which made it easier for me to draw 0n the transferring paper without using ruler.  To improve my cultural influence idea I would need to go back to transferring the motif to the printing plate because I accidentally didn’t follow the plan so it didn’t interlock, so what I ended up doing was changing the Thai flag a little bit to make it interlock. I could improve my personal interest idea by making it more diagonal than curved. I say this because in class I found it very difficult carving curved areas and because of this I made several errors while carving.

My interlocking is very accurate because I have made all the sides interlock with keeping in mind about making my motif balanced (having equal amounts of positive and negative space.) One of the things my motif if repeated will create is a symbol/ pattern which is the Thai flag. I did this by drawing 1/4 of the Thai flag in each corner so it will make a pattern if repeated 4 times (including the original.) I chose Yellow ink on purple paper and purple ink on Yellow paper because those are complementary colors which will make my print have contrast and stand out. My chosen colors will make a cross and an a X but they do not mean anything to me. My color plan is unified because I have put specific colors in specific places and it is not random. For example I have put yellow ink and purple paper in the top middle, the middle, left middle, right middle and bottom middle and the rest are purple ink and yellow paper, so the colors are not random placed or picked so it had unity.



Human Fertility and why it is Important

Fertilization is when the male gamete (sperm) and the female gamete (egg) meet. When these two gametes meet, an embryo (a baby) is formed.

This process is crucial for the human race because if women can’t become fertile, (whether the mans quality or quantity of sperm is low, or because there eggs aren’t mature)  there won’t be any offsprings therefore the human race will come to an end.

A solution for infertility is In Vitro Fertilization. This is where if the man’s quality or quantity of sperm is low, you can put your egg and sperm in an petri dish, and once they are fertile, you put it back in the woman uterus. Although this solution may seem flawless it has a flaw. Some people are worried that some couples would want a certain type of fertilized eggs. This is bad because this will slow down the number of babies born because people want certain types of eggs.  This solution relates to money because to do this you need to spend 12,000 dollars, so this solution is not open to poor people.

A solution is surgical procedures. A reason why you may have trouble getting fertile is if your fallopian tubes have become blocked and scarred. Doctors can help by breaking up the scar tissues in your fallopian tube, making it much easier for the eggs to pass through.  The risk of having surgery is that you might get a adhesion which can twist your large intestine causing major problems.  This solution relates to health because there is a slight chance of getting adhesion.

Sometimes the woman cannot produce a hormone to have mature eggs, so to fix this problem you can take a fertility drug which stimulates eggs to mature in the ovary. Although this helps the women’s chance to get pregnant, it may cause complications like underweight and pre mature babies or triplets or twins, which can cause the baby to not survive long because of its weight.  This solution relates to health because the women’s health might be affected negatively because of this.



Out of all the possible solutions I would pick In Vitro Fertilization because as far as I know, you can’t get massive body damage by this and it is a solution to a common problem of the mans sperm quality.



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Art Unit 1 Reflection

At the start of the semester I didn’t understand the concept of making it look realistic by darkening the dark value parts and erasing the highlights, so to practice this and understand why we do it, in class we made gradation scales and value scales to apply these techniques to our final self-portraits. When we practiced drawing our gradation and value scales and finished learning the importance of these techniques I began applying these techniques to make my nose and the areas around it look more realistic by erasing the very light highlights and darkening the very dark parts, so my learning did help me improve immensely.

If I would draw my self portrait again, I would make sure my finger doesn’t go on to the highlighted areas when it is dirty (if there is a smudge of pencil graphite.)  The reason I say this is because when my finger went onto some of the highlighted areas, it darkened the value which made it seem like I didn’t use much value in certain areas. Another thing I would also make sure I am concentrating and being perseverant/having .  The reason why I say this is because I got off track a couple of times and I couldn’t focus that well sometimes which made me lag behind from the class a bit. The reason why I say I would be more perseverant is because sometimes I got frustrated with how much times I had to keep on redrawing the mouth, the eyes and the nose, and when my peers advice was to re-draw something I’ve already drew a lot of times, which sometimes de-motivated me.


I think the two words that describe me in this unit the best is Cooperation and Communicator. During this unit I discovered I was a cooperater and a communicator. I discovered I was a Communicator when my peers asked for my opinion on their drawing I didn’t give a bad answer (Saying “Stuff and”do that thing”) instead I gave them a good answer by saying the key terms such as value, Blending stump, Contrast, Proportion, Iris, highlight (and more) and I told them what to do to those things or how to improve or apply those in their drawing. I discovered I was cooperative/ a collaborator when we were doing an activity that required each others feedback, so whenever my peers asked me for feedback I would immediately respond and give them an answer, with detail.






Letter for Future Grade 6

Firstly I suggest you find the similarities with your science water data with your I&S problem, because you will only need one solution, which will save you a lot of time.

Secondly I suggest you finish your poster, early (So no getting off track) so you have time to glue and make it look more aesthetically pleasing, because if it is aesthetically pleasing more people will come to your poster.

Thirdly, I suggest you put pictures and a lot of visuals because visuals are one of the key things for showing data, and Instead of reading a whole paragraph of data you can just show them a graph or a chart.


My goal for semester 2

This is a person who has low communication skills (Person on Left)

He has low communication skills because he is not talking to the teacher of explaining his ideas





This is a person with high communication skills (One on left)

They have high communication skills because they are explaining well and talking to the teacher.

Developing Ideas

  • I will have to use neon and eye- catching colors for my pictures.
  • I will put more pictures than text.
  • I will put touch and feel thing in my book and on the cover.
  • I will write the text in an appropriate position.
  • I will write the text not so big.
  •  I will have to not use complicated language
  • No violence or non appropriate content.
  • Use easy to understand content.
  • Make it somewhat entertaining like a funny part.
  • Get your message across.