Art Unit 1 Reflection

At the start of the semester I didn’t understand the concept of making it look realistic by darkening the dark value parts and erasing the highlights, so to practice this and understand why we do it, in class we made gradation scales and value scales to apply these techniques to our final self-portraits. When we practiced drawing our gradation and value scales and finished learning the importance of these techniques I began applying these techniques to make my nose and the areas around it look more realistic by erasing the very light highlights and darkening the very dark parts, so my learning did help me improve immensely.

If I would draw my self portrait again, I would make sure my finger doesn’t go on to the highlighted areas when it is dirty (if there is a smudge of pencil graphite.)  The reason I say this is because when my finger went onto some of the highlighted areas, it darkened the value which made it seem like I didn’t use much value in certain areas. Another thing I would also make sure I am concentrating and being perseverant/having .  The reason why I say this is because I got off track a couple of times and I couldn’t focus that well sometimes which made me lag behind from the class a bit. The reason why I say I would be more perseverant is because sometimes I got frustrated with how much times I had to keep on redrawing the mouth, the eyes and the nose, and when my peers advice was to re-draw something I’ve already drew a lot of times, which sometimes de-motivated me.


I think the two words that describe me in this unit the best is Cooperation and Communicator. During this unit I discovered I was a cooperater and a communicator. I discovered I was a Communicator when my peers asked for my opinion on their drawing I didn’t give a bad answer (Saying “Stuff and”do that thing”) instead I gave them a good answer by saying the key terms such as value, Blending stump, Contrast, Proportion, Iris, highlight (and more) and I told them what to do to those things or how to improve or apply those in their drawing. I discovered I was cooperative/ a collaborator when we were doing an activity that required each others feedback, so whenever my peers asked me for feedback I would immediately respond and give them an answer, with detail.






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