Human Fertility and why it is Important

Fertilization is when the male gamete (sperm) and the female gamete (egg) meet. When these two gametes meet, an embryo (a baby) is formed.

This process is crucial for the human race because if women can’t become fertile, (whether the mans quality or quantity of sperm is low, or because there eggs aren’t mature)  there won’t be any offsprings therefore the human race will come to an end.

A solution for infertility is In Vitro Fertilization. This is where if the man’s quality or quantity of sperm is low, you can put your egg and sperm in an petri dish, and once they are fertile, you put it back in the woman uterus. Although this solution may seem flawless it has a flaw. Some people are worried that some couples would want a certain type of fertilized eggs. This is bad because this will slow down the number of babies born because people want certain types of eggs.  This solution relates to money because to do this you need to spend 12,000 dollars, so this solution is not open to poor people.

A solution is surgical procedures. A reason why you may have trouble getting fertile is if your fallopian tubes have become blocked and scarred. Doctors can help by breaking up the scar tissues in your fallopian tube, making it much easier for the eggs to pass through.  The risk of having surgery is that you might get a adhesion which can twist your large intestine causing major problems.  This solution relates to health because there is a slight chance of getting adhesion.

Sometimes the woman cannot produce a hormone to have mature eggs, so to fix this problem you can take a fertility drug which stimulates eggs to mature in the ovary. Although this helps the women’s chance to get pregnant, it may cause complications like underweight and pre mature babies or triplets or twins, which can cause the baby to not survive long because of its weight.  This solution relates to health because the women’s health might be affected negatively because of this.



Out of all the possible solutions I would pick In Vitro Fertilization because as far as I know, you can’t get massive body damage by this and it is a solution to a common problem of the mans sperm quality.



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