Unit 2 Art Reflection

In my final  project, I think I have done interlocking very well. This is because for my personal interest I had chosen a music symbol, which I thought didn’t interlock, but soon with creative thinking I connected the symbol and made it interlock. I think I have done well is choosing various colors that will contrast well. For example I have chosen yellow ink and purple paper and purple ink and yellow paper, because these color are complementary color meaning they are the opposite from each other in the color wheel, so it will have contrast.  A solution I am proud of is when I needed to add a cultural influence and my motif wasn’t interlocking I made 1/4 of the Thai flag as best as I could  in the corner so it would interlock and that is how I solved the problem. Another solution I am proud of is my measuring because instead of taking ages to measure, I scaled my shapes in my motif to the squares in the transferring paper, which made it easier for me to draw 0n the transferring paper without using ruler.  To improve my cultural influence idea I would need to go back to transferring the motif to the printing plate because I accidentally didn’t follow the plan so it didn’t interlock, so what I ended up doing was changing the Thai flag a little bit to make it interlock. I could improve my personal interest idea by making it more diagonal than curved. I say this because in class I found it very difficult carving curved areas and because of this I made several errors while carving.

My interlocking is very accurate because I have made all the sides interlock with keeping in mind about making my motif balanced (having equal amounts of positive and negative space.) One of the things my motif if repeated will create is a symbol/ pattern which is the Thai flag. I did this by drawing 1/4 of the Thai flag in each corner so it will make a pattern if repeated 4 times (including the original.) I chose Yellow ink on purple paper and purple ink on Yellow paper because those are complementary colors which will make my print have contrast and stand out. My chosen colors will make a cross and an a X but they do not mean anything to me. My color plan is unified because I have put specific colors in specific places and it is not random. For example I have put yellow ink and purple paper in the top middle, the middle, left middle, right middle and bottom middle and the rest are purple ink and yellow paper, so the colors are not random placed or picked so it had unity.



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