Creating a Picture book! :3


I did a good job on making my picture book that is enjoyable for the grade one kids. Before we started making the story, we went to the grade one kids and asked questions about what kind of stories and characters they like. Most of the kids said that they liked stories with animals in it, and the good characters are all cute and likable. They also enjoy books with lots of colorful pictures and not many words. They said that they would enjoy it even more if they were pop-ups or they had touch and feels. In my story, I have lots of colors, the characters are all animals and they are all cute.



Since the audience is the grade one kids, the words we use has to be simple and easy. I had to change some of the words I used because they were too hard for them. I looked at some of the picture books the grade one kids read and used some of the words that were in the book. I also changed the character’s names because some were too hard to pronounce so I changed them into a simple and common name. Also, I don’t have many words on each page and each sentence is short because the grade one kids enjoy looking at the pictures and reading a few words instead of reading a paragraph full of words. I have also made the text as big as I can so it is easier for the grade one kids to read.



I used different materials such as, felt, glitter pens, crepe paper, makeup sponges, pipe cleaners and other materials. I used these materials for my book so that the grade one kids can enjoy touching the materials while reading the book. I think the book would be more interesting than the books without touch and feels. The grade one kids have told me that they like to touch and feels or pop-ups books.

This is one of the pages in my picture book. I used, a pencil, pen, felt, glitter pens and crepe paper for this page.

This is the back cover for my picture book. I used, a pen, felt, glitter pens and a makeup sponge for this page. I think the kids will enjoy touching the cat paws because they are soft and fun to push.


Design Brief

I have written that a good picture book for a grade one kid would have:

  • Big text
  • Short sentences
  • No hard words
  • Easy to read
  • Funny
  • Simple story
  • Pop-ups
  • Touch and feel
  • Cute characters
  • Has animals
  • Fun
  • Lots of drawings
  • Colorful and vivid
  • Has some kind of trick

I think the picture book I made has most these. Each sentence is short and easy, big text, colorful, the story is simple, the characters are all animals and they’re all cute, lots of drawings, I think it’s a fun book to read and it is a touch and feel book. The book I made wasn’t a comedy book so it might now be funny but I think all good books don’t have to have humor so it is ok. My book is not a pop-up book, but it is a touch and feel book.


Reading with the Grade one kids

I was able to read with different girls and boys. The grade one kids really enjoyed my picture book and it was really fun reading the book to them. The grade one kids loved touching all of the pages of my book, but they especially liked the front and back cover. I think they liked the cover pages the most because it had different kinds of material compared to all the other pages. Each time the grade one kids went to read my book, they were really excited to see it and they were amazed by my book. I was a little worried when the boys came to read my book because my book was made mainly for girls. Surprisingly, the boys also enjoyed my book. All the kids that read my book said that the pictures were really good and the characters were really cute. They asked me what materials I used and they were really fascinated with all the sparkly glitters I used. They said that they wanted to make a book when they go to sixth grade.

If I could have another week to work on my book, I would like to improve on my illustrations. I was proud of my illustrations, but I think I could have drawn another scene of the myth because that was a fighting scene, and it was one of the main and interesting scenes. Also, I had an error in my text so I would like to fix it if I could get more time to fix the book.

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