To next year 6th graders: An advice on the Roald Dahl essay


Writing an essay hard. I had some trouble on it, and it took hours and hours to finish the final essay. So here is some advice in writing a good essay. I hope you learn something!

  • Always use your teacher’s feedback and advice.
  • An essay does not have any contractions, so make sure you don’t add them in your essay.
  • Make sure you don’t write any of opinions in the story.
  • All of the words should be formal. No informal words in an essay!
  • You need a topic sentence, some points, some evidence, some explanations and a conclusion for the body paragraph. (The introduction and conclusion paragraph is a little different!)
  • Make sure you use different words for different sentences that mean the same thing to make the essay interesting!!!

This is part of my paragraph:

Roald Dahl is an astonishing author because he creates different and strange characters. Readers can see that some of the characters in his stories are a little strange and different from normal humans. For example, Matilda can do things a normal girl can not do. She said, “‘I can pick the cigar up just with my eye-power and push it and pull it in the air any way I want!’” (p178) This shows that Matilda is different to a normal human and she has abilities people usually do not have, which makes her an extraordinary character. By making the characters different and strange, it pulls the reader in and makes the reader want to read more, which makes Roald Dahl a wonderful author.      
I hope you learned something!  

Witches are my favourite book out of all Roald Dahl books.  

Check out this website to see some interesting facts about Roald Dahl!!!

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