Art Reflection: Portrait drawing

As you can see, the portrait on the right, (which is the final portrait) is way more realistic, and 3D, while the one of the left, (which is the one I drew before we started this unit) has no contrast, value and it does not look realistic and 3D. I have learned many things during this portrait drawing unit. The main things I have learned was, was to draw my facial parts (eye, nose, mouth etc.) using the right proportion. I had to make the facial parts the right shape, the right size, and in the right place. I think I really improved on that and I think the proportion for my final portrait looks way better. I also learned many skills like using the right pencil for the right places to make lots of values. I used to draw with the same pencil for my whole face, but now I know how to use different kinds/darkness of pencils so it looks more three dimensional. For example, I would use the really dark 8B/6B for the really dark parts/shadows, or I might use the lighter HB or 2B for the lighter but little dark parts. I also learned how to draw with the eraser. Drawing with the eraser means that you draw the highlights. (Which means that you erase the darker parts to make highlights) Another new thing was, was that I learned to use a blending tool to have more gradation in my portrait. Not only have I learned new techniques or how to use new tools, I have learned new words, that are related to art/portrait drawing. For example, value means the lightness or darkness of something. Finally, I have also improved to work as a team and collaborate with my friends and classmates. We asked questions to see what was wrong with our portrait and what we could change, and we gave advice on what they should improve on.


If I had the opportunity to do this again, I would like to change many different kinds of things. One of the things I have noticed after I drew this was, was that my face was too light and the portrait didn’t have the right value. Of course, it would never be perfectly the same value, but I think I should have darkened it more. Also, I think I could have added more details to make it even more 3D. For example, I would like to work on the hair more, if I had more time to work on it. I did not add a lot of different values for my hair so I would add more highlights for my hair. Another thing I would like to change is to make the eyes a little bigger since I thought it was too small compared to the face. But I think overall, I did a good job and I am proud of it.


During this unit, I describe myself as a communicator and a thinker. I think I was a communicator because I was able to explain and communicate what was wrong and what they could do better to my friends/classmates who needed feedback. I think I was a thinker because I really thought about what needs improvements in my own portrait, and other’s portraits.