Art Reflection

This is my pattern. The cultural influence is the Cherry blossoms in each of the motif design’s corner. The personal interest is the bird in the middle of each motif design and also the cat’s paw print on the left of each motif design. 

I think I did very well in making the design and combining my two final motif design into one better motif design. I think I did well on printing, but I did make a few mistakes so I had to print a few times since I failed some of them. I am proud of transferring the motif design on the rubber so the pattern will interlock almost perfectly. I made a few mistakes while carving my motif design, and I covered my mistake by making sure that there was ink on the positive part when I printed my motif. I could improve my cultural influence by choosing different kinds of cultural influence because both of my cultural influence was a flower. Next time I would like to use a different kind of cultural influence. I think I could improve my personal interest idea by putting a different kind of personal interest because both of them were animals. That does represent me because I love animals, but I like other things too, so I think I should have done my favourite sport, music and other things I like.

I think the overall interlocking of the pattern is good since the heart in the corners are interlocking almost perfectly, and the paw print is also interlocking except for some of them since when I glued it went kind of off. The trail of the bird is also kind of interlocking, but they are a few millimeters off. I put hearts on the corner of my motif design, which made a clover shape when I repeated them multiple times to make a pattern. I used 3 different colours of ink, yellow, Prussian blue and turquoise, and I used 3 different colours of paper, magenta, turquoise and light blue. I chose these colours because first of all, blue especially turquoise is my favourite colour. And I like to be happy, and yellow represents happy which is why I chose this colour. Then I chose magenta because I wear a lot of pink colours and I also like this colour. I think the colours I used had unity because the colours I used for the outside are all different kinds of blue, and I used yellow ink on the magenta paper for the very middle. That way, the middle will stand out a lot which will mean that it also has some contract.