Myth Re-Telling Finale


I did well on making the story that I chose into a picture book for Grade 1’s to understand easily more than the actual story. I did well by making the story shorter and changing words that are complicated or hard into words that 1st graders would be able to read easily. Something that I could’ve improved on was using my imagination more so that it will be a better book for the first graders. I would improve by changing the way how the plants,trees,animals and food are made.



I did well on making the story a more simple story for the first graders. I did well on making the words shorter, simple and making the sentences as clear and short as possible. I also did well on making the story short and making it easier for the first graders to understand.  I think I could’ve made my sentences more interesting by changing the words of the sentence and making it more creative so that it wouldn’t be so boring.



For the materials I used paper,glitter,cotton,felt and pencils to make the book a touch and feel kind of book. I also made it like this so that the 1st graders won’t get so bored because there is only writing. I have made sure to include different kind of materials so that they would be able to look at different ways of me expressing the story. I think I could’ve made my picture book better if I have brought in materials from my house and be more creative about the appearance of the book.


Design Brief:

For the design brief I have planned on making my front cover and my back cover a little bit playable but I decided not to because I didn’t have time to do that and I thought it might make my book a little bit too complicated for the 1st graders. I think I did well on mostly sticking to the plan that I have drawn out and finding the right color and material for everything.


Reading with G1:

My audience were all girls. They were very fond of the image and the look of the book. I was surprised that they were really interested of the book than I thought they would be. I was really glad that the first graders wanted to make their own books when they are in middle school and that they got inspired. Something that I could improve on is making my sentences shorter and easier without any mistakes or errors. I could also work on making my ending of the book with a little more of a thrill.



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