Advice for next year’s Grade 6

Tips on how to write an essay:

  • Make sure you are on track all times
  • Follow the structure of an essay
  • Do not use contractions and don’t write personal opinions
  • Listen to the teacher
  • Work on it at home if you were fooling around in class

My conclusion paragraph in essay:

Roald Dahl books are read by many people from the world. Roald Dahl is an outstanding author because of the characters that he makes which readers can empathise with, his unique language and the twists and tension that makes the readers hooked to read on. The characters that he makes are extraordinary, the language he uses are colorful and creative and made with passion. The twists and tensions makes the readers keep on wondering more and more about the story. Wonder what makes me able to write this much? Read his books and you will understand very clearly how his books suck the readers in so much.

Image of one of the books that I like

Quotes from Roald Dahl:

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