Art Unit 1 Reflection

I learned that I need to take my time carefully to do everything but not to take so much time. I also learned that I need to concentrate so that I don’t mess things up. For example when I can’t concentrate I put the parts of my face in another place. And for another example I just deleted my blog post so I need to write it again and I think it is because I was not concentrating enough. I learned to learn more realistically by using a lot of value and gradation to make it look more 3D. I learned that if you use shadows and highlights it looks more realistic. ¬†For example when in the picture there is a lot of light on the nose you have to erase it more so that you have a good highlight. And for the shadow if there is a really dark part you use a 6B or 8B pencil to make it look really dark.

If I can draw my self-portrait one more time I would try to make my shadows and highlights more clearer to make it 3D and look more realistic. I would also want to work on my management because I had to rush a lot in the end so I would want to take my time and use it wisely so I don’t need to rush so much at the end.

I would explain myself as a thinker&communicator. I chose thinking because I needed to think a lot to make sure that my size,shape and the place is in the right place. Because if I don’t put it in the right place my face will not look like my actual face. I chose communicator because in elementary school we didn’t give feedback to each other but in middle school we give feedback and get feedback from others. When we do this we can get other people’s opinions and we can make our self-portrait or any artwork improved.

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