Art Unit 2 Reflection

I did well on my carving because I didn’t make my caring thickness too thin or too thick so that when I print it, everything has the right amount of paint on all the spots on my carving plate. In this project my best idea on my motif design was combining all my thinking together to make a good design/motif. Because my cultural thinking which is the circle part of the Japan flag and my personal interest which is french fries, I made a sun using my creative thinking. I did well on figuring what to do when I did the test print and I saw paint on the negative space and I decided to carve that part more so that there wouldn’t be paint on the negative space on my motif.  I could’ve improved on my cultural influence by making my symbol for that a little complex like a sakura or cranes and etc because I only did the circle on the Japan flag which is a Hinomaru. That was not very hard to think of and pretty simple so maybe I could’ve done better on choosing a better symbol. I could improve my personal interest by choosing a symbol that means more to me. For example music,dance, friendship or sports. If I have done this I think it would’ve shown who I am more and what I like. Just instead of french  fries which is what I LIKE but not what I LOVE.


I think my interlocking is pretty accurate because you can see what is interlocking and see the new shapes and patterns on my motif design. When I put 4 of my motifs like a square, the corners make a sun and the middle part makes a line with hearts which can go on forever and ever which shows that I have endless things that I love. I chose these colors because I like bright colors and blue reminds me of calm and peace and the night. I love night because it is very calm and the stars are very pretty. The white paper symbolises the stars and the blue is for the sky. I chose my colors and didn’t do it randomly because I wanted to put what I like in as well but making sure all the colors had unity.


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