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Science TEEEL

Our technology such as iPhones and computers are made from minerals mined by people that are in near death conditions and in a dangerous place.¬†Our everyday technologies that we use such as phones, computers, cars and such are all made… Continue Reading →

Art Unit 2 Final Reflection

I think that my motif was done very well. I think this because I had a good personal interest and a good cultural influence. For example, I think my cultural influence is good because it interlocks and shows my cultural… Continue Reading →

Art Unit 1 Reflection

My learning helped me improve my drawing skills. For example, I couldn’t make my face 3D at the start of this unit because I didn’t know how to use different values and how to do proper gradation to make the… Continue Reading →

Myth Reflection

I think the story that I chose was a good story since everybody liked the dragon. Also I didn’t have too many words so that was good since it made reading easier for the first grades. I would make the… Continue Reading →

English Myth Evaluation

I made my book like a normal book but made the sides longer. I made my book like this so it’s easy to flip through the pages and it’s easy to understand. I used my time pretty effectively but thinking… Continue Reading →

What I created today

What I created today

Design Specification

Don’t make my book long Include the dragon Include things that 1st grades like Make my words big enough so the 1st grades can read it clearly Use easy words so 1st grades can understand Don’t include things that 1st… Continue Reading →

Design Brief

In english class we’re retelling a myth and this is my design brief for my myth.

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