In this unit we had to draw a motif and then transfer it  onto a plate made out of rubber with ink. When we started drawing the 2 motifs (in the end we had to choose only one motif) I was behind but then i quickly caught up. in the end I ended up being the 3rd person to carve and print. I did everything with concentration and also when I realized that i was behind I came to open studio or i did it at home so I could catch up. I think that i managed my time really well especially in the end. I am proud of me carving something wrong and then fixing it or i changed it and did the same to all sides. It turned out to be very good and now I am satisfied with my end results. I was happy with my cultural influence but i could have chosen another one because the hearts did not look like hearts on the final print so I did not like how it looked. My personal interest was the x-men logo but still maybe I could have chosen another one because I like the x-men but i like horses more or animals so i could have drawn a horse or another animal.


My interlocking was pretty accurate because it made new shapes when i put them together. My interlocking also creates new shapes like a square or 2 line that were parallel.But i don’t think that I created a new pattern but it is still interlocking. I choose the colors that i choose because all of them are like almost the same and when you put them together it look really good. Those are also my favorite colors and they are beuattiful.My color plan is not random colors but it unified.









Question 1:

Before we started our unit 1 in art I was only drawing 2D things like coping from the internet or just drawing things that I would see on the street. I thought that drawing 3D things like your own face would be very hard and only adults or really good artits could draw 3D.  But then when I came to YIS and I started unit 1 in art I realized that everyone could draw 3D if they wanted to and that it was also easy if you prcticed. Then I would start to draw many 3D things and we also had to prctice drawing eye’s, mouth’s, and noses so that we could practice for drawing our own face in 3D. Then when we drew our self portrait’s it looke more 3D.

Question 2:

When I was drawing my self portrait I was  pretty satisfied but then I would mabye not erase the lines that I  drew on the paper where I drew my self portrait becase when I did that my shadows and highlight change a bit and then it looked a bit diffrent and it looked messier than before. I would also change my facial expresion becasue I did smile a bit but then I would have smiled more or would have laughed because I love smiling and laughing and mostly I smile and laugh.

Question 3:

I  think that the words risk-taker and thinker would describe me in this unit. I was a risk-taker becaue was always drawing shadows that weren not there on my picture to see how it would woud but I also knew that if i erase to much the paper will rip  but then i still tryed and my paper did not rip (luckely). I was also thinker  because I might have been taking many risk’s but before I would do these dumm things i would think is that dumm or should I just try it out. If I would have not done both thinking and taking risks my drawing might not have been so good.