January 26

Unit 2 Art reflection


My cultural influence is the eye of Horus. The eye of Horus is an eye with a curling line coming down from the bottom left and a straight line from the bottom right it also has a wavy eyebrow over it.This idea came because I wanted an illuminati there at first then it changed to just the eye. I chose this symbol because it it the symbol of protection, royal power, and good wealth. This is important to me because I want to be protected and have royal power and wealth. My personal interest is the dragon. My dragon is curved and has spikes along it’s back it’s arms are stretched out towards the eye of Horus, it has wings and it’s tail goes off the frame and there is the end of the tail on the other side. The idea of a dragon was in my head before I researched anything. This is probably because One of the first books I ever read was Eragon which is about a dragon.This is also why I chose it. The dragon is interesting to me because as I said it was one of the main characters in one of my favorite books but also because I think that dragons are like reptilian wizards which is really cool for me.

In my project I did well. Something I did good on the design was the tail interlocking.it really interlocked well with the ends on the other papers. this was the main solution to the fact that I didn’t have anything interlocking in my draft. A  weakness of my design is that I tried to make the top and bottom interlock but I messed it up. I’m not sure when it messed up the alignment but the spikes don’t align. My cultural influence was from a culture I have no experience with so I could change that. A problem with my personal interest is I’m not currently as interested in dragons as I used to be. A better choice for what I’m interested in now is a Jedi or something Star Wars related.

I used triangles for scales along the back of the dragon. The eye was an oval with points on the end. For the shape of the wings those are kind of like three long thin spikes coming out from the dragon’s back. The colors I used in my prints are orange ink on blue paper x 2, blue ink on orange paper x2 , white ink on red paper x2, red ink on white paper x2, and green ink on white paper x1. I chose orange and blue because they are the Denver Broncos’ team colors. I chose red and white because they are Arizona universities’ team colors along with blue. And I chose green because it is the color of yoda’s lightsaber. I created a unified color scheme. This is because I have red on white and white on red along with blue on orange and orange on blue. and I have in the middle as the special green on white. I like to think of this dragon as the Luke Skywalker  of them all.The interlocking is good on the tail. But I messed up with the head spikes’ alignment. The top spikes are very off. Over all I think I did very good on the project even though I did make mistakes with alignment.

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