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Dear Future Grade 6

Dear future grade 6, I will be giving you some advice on the essay you will be writing about Roald Dahl next year. First you have to use Contractions¬†and formal language. When I say formal language I mean it like not using language that you would normally say to your friends. Another thing is the…

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Design Specification For Making a DIY Book

1.15cm Long and 30cm Wide 2.It’s going to have some fabric to make it more interesting 3.Cardboard 4.I need spray-paint for the fire on top of one of my characters 5. I want glitter for the fire on top of the character 6.I want binding to bind the pages together 7.velcro 8.Simple language 9. Sound…

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Creating My Design Brief

  These are plannings for my DIY book that we are making for grade 1. The picture to the right is a planning of what my title might look like. The picture to the left shows what the book will need to be successful.              

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