Art Reflection Unit 2

In this unit  I have made a carved design. In my carved design I have both my personal interest and cultural influence. My personal interest is stars and the galaxy because I love the colours and the design/pattern. The galaxy reminds me of peace and quite, which I hope one day this earth will be too. The galaxy also reminds me of something futuristic. I have always liked futuristic places, things, and stories. For example Star Wars, I have always enjoyed watching it with my family. I am half Japanese and I have lived in Japan my whole life. My cultural influence is the buildings I see every time I go on a walk during the evening to Tamagawa with my family, and my family is very important to me. The buildings light up and I see stars up in the sky. So in my cultural influence there are both the stars and building. I chose these two because it seemed to blend in together and connect to each other as well. 

I think I did well on drawing the design, although it was tiring I managed to do well. But I think I might have had too much negative space and I could have filled up the spaces a bit more. I think that I used the colours well because it has unity and balance. For example on my design I used different colours that blend in well together. When I did the printing I found a solution to my problem. My problem was that the ink did not transfer onto the paper very well and it left some parts with no ink. So then I added more ink, less ink, and tried more things. In the end it ended up looking pretty good so I was proud of finding the solution. My main weakness during this whole project was caving. If you look at the row of diamonds you can see that on one of the rows I did not do very well. I chose to carve around them first but because I had just learned how to carve they ended up looking bad. But the other row of diamonds turned out way better because I did it towards the end. I learned that I should start off with the easy things and then move on to the hard things because then I can get better and better and make less mistakes.

I used a lot of straight lines on my design. For example on the stars, the buildings and the diamonds. The shapes I used were triangles for the stars, two triangles for the diamonds, different lengths of rectangles for the buildings, and squares for the windows (the thing at the bottom of every other building). The main colours I used were magenta, yellow and black. The reason I used those colours were because black represents the night, the yellow represents the stars, and the magenta has a nice contrast with the black. I also used turquoise and purple. I used those colours because they were my favourite colours, but I found a connection in the turquoise. It reminded me of the lake in Tamagawa (the “gawa” from Tamagawa means lake). I think that my interlocking is pretty good because it does interlock all sides. But the only problem would be the stars on the side, because one of them is slightly higher than the other. I would say I have a unified pattern because I use the same colours in a pattern.

Myth Re-Telling Finale

The first graders said that my pictures were good, and the pop-ups. They also seemed to like the bubble rap because they were popping it. I think they where engaged in my story because they where asking questions about my pictures.

I think that next time I could use more easy words because they didn’t quite understand all of the words I was saying. I also think that I could make the binding better because it was kind of hard to open up to the next page and the 1st graders lost interest while I was trying to flip the page. I learned that you need to be consistent when you have a young age group. I feel like there was no spark in my story that connected with them, so maybe next time I could have more expressions when I read.

Design Specification

In my book I will need:

  • Hard paper
  • Balance
  • Something Colourful
  • Something you can touch and feel
  • Something funny
  • Detailed pictures
  • Eye catching objects
  • Small popups
  • Theme
  • Different materials
  • Contrast
  • Unity
  • Sequins
  • Different cloth

Steps to make my book:

  • Get materials needed
  • Doing the illustrations
  • Coulouring in illustrations
  • Add 3D touches
  • Add the words
  • Add title, designing the binder and the back of the book
  • Bind the book together