Unit two art reflection

PARAGRAPH 1                                                                                                                                 Explain your project’s STRENGTHS:What did you do very well? I did very on planning the motif because I can clearly see what I was going to make just by looking at it, for example where the colors are used, what personal interest/cultural influence I choose, how big the shape/line/pattern is, is it balanced or not, is there more negative space than positive. Just by looking at the planning/drawing you can easily solve problems before carving the plate. What ideas and solutions are you proud of? I was proud when making the motif interlocking but not making right and left same I made them diffrent. I made them to interlock when been connected with other prints for that I measured it carefully so it would connect completely using an ruler. Explain your project’s WEAKNESSES: How could you improve your Cultural Influence idea? By choosing something that could defiantly recognize just by looking at it. For Cultural Influence I chose Mountain that for me represent Japan but many of the people might not see that it represent as Japan so maybe if I am going to do this again, I’ll maybe choose sun because I think everyone will know it’s on the japan flag so it would be easy to recognize. How could you improve your Personal Interest idea? I think I could interlock the Youtube Symbol so it would be much more interesting just by looking.

PARAGRAPH 2                                                                                                                     INTERLOCKING                                                                                                                                How accurate is your interlocking? Pretty good but I think I was able to do it much more accurately for example using an ruler. Does your interlocking create new shapes? A new pattern? Yes, a diamond above that there is a Big X, I chose this because looking at the same pattern will be boring so I chose to have new patterns right and left, up and down so it would use creative thinking that could attract the audience eyes from  the design. COLOR UNTIY Why did you choose these colors? What do they symbolize? I chose it to be complementary so the negative space blue and the positive space orange because if it orange I had an feeling that it would fit the youtube symbol, hand etc. Also it would stand out because it’s complementary. Is your color plan unified or are you colors random? Yes it has unity, if you see my color plan I made the blue positive space on each corner, there aren’t deep reason why I chosen it to be there I just felt like it.

How Can Science Help Human Reproduction?

What is fertilization?  A process in sexual reproduction that influences the male (sperm) and female (ovum) gametes to produce life forum making her pregnant. It will be also having the genes from the mother and father allowing them to have similar faces,eyes, legs etc.

Why is it a problem if some humans are not fertile? If one of the couple were infertile it will allow them to not be able to produce life forums, this means the partner will not be able to make babies allowing the species to may die out if those problems becomes a common things.

Three ways we could maybe fix the problem. Why is it a solution? Medical treatment for example by using clomiphene by encourage the monthly release of an egg. There are also others like  tamoxifen, metformin, gonadotrophins. Surgical procedures allowing them to repair, treat by surgeries physically. There are Fallopian tube surgery, Endometriosis, fibroids and PCOS surgery, Correcting an epididymal blockage surgery and much more. Assisted conception for example sperm donor and egg donor. There are two others Intrauterine insemination and In vitro fertilisation (IVF).Best idea to worst idea. The best idea I think is the 1.Medical treatment 2.Surgical procedures and last Assisted conception. The  solution from better to worse. I thought medical treatment would be the finest because it would be the easiest because you just need to take medicines and that it’s! There maybe be some side effects still choosing the easier way maybe good for you. I chose Surgical procedures because it may take time but it would be worth it making a child of your own. Third Assisted conception because it will be having a blood of an unknown person but there will be often no risks unless the sperm/eggs was in a low quality.

How do the three ways to fix the problem? These three ways could help produce more peoples allowing them to have to study more to live in this world making people to have jobs and becoming a successful economy. There are side effects for example because there is so many peoples there will be few resources, peoples will have to cut more trees to make papers and also they have to have more foods. If the foods didn’t go around everyone, peoples will start suffering health problems.


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Art unit 1 reflection

Q1.How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw realistically?                                                   I learned how to use the blending stump to make value, gradation, shades, highlights and other more so it can be realist. Without highlights  and shades and gradation I would not be able to make the portrait 3-D it would only be a 2-D portrait that looks like a cartoon.

Q2.What two things would you do differently to make your drawing even better?                                            1. Don’t rush so I don’t make easy mistake that could last end up being hard to fix it.                              2. Get feed back that are not from your friends to get different point of view that could later help you with it.

Q3. Which 2  LEARNING WORDS best describe you as an artist during this unit?                                       Risk-taker, open-minded                                                                                                                              Why these 2 word describe what you have discovered about yourself?                                                 I am a risk-taker because I took risk and tested what could be better from my portrait for example adding more shades, erasing some parts that were dark, adding gradation etc. I am also open-minded because I don’t refuse negative comments and use them to make the portrait better.

Dear future 6th Graders

This post is about the water project you will be doing when becoming a 6th grader. In here I will tell you tips and skills you will need before doing this project.

Tip 1: Think ahead before acting. One of the thing that happened to me is not having enough info before making the poster. And I ended out having to use my spare time researching.

Tip 2: Choose similar water issue with science so you won’t end up using tons of time  finding the similar. This happened to me and I thought I screwed up. Luckily I founded a similar and I was saved.

Tip 3: Have fun. Main priority is to have fun, try what you can and just have fun.