August 27

I believe…


  1. I believe in Karma
  2. I believe that dogs are better for the world
  3. I believe there is an afterlife
  4. I believe in yin and yang
  5. I believe no matter how bad the person, there is a little good.
  6. I believe everyone is born good
  7. I believe in that TV shows give you important life lessons
  8. I believe everyone has a doppelgänger


November 30

Conflict minerals

There are many conflict minerals mined around the world and they have specific purposes and reason for why they have those purposes. There are different minerals for different types of phones. There are about 20 conflict minerals in a phone. They come from different places but they all end up in one place and that is a factory that makes phones. There are some that are completely safe and were mined fairly but when it comes to minerals you can’t really tell where the minerals are coming from so it’s very easy to smuggle conflict minerals into a factory that makes phones. Here are the things that use conflict minerals. iPhones, blackberry’s, Computers, Digital cameras, iPods, HTC, Motorola. Here are the minerals used in those things. Platinum, Copper, Gold, Silver, Yttrium, Lanthanum, Praseodymium, Neodymium, Europium, Gadolinium, Terbium, Dysprosium, Silicon, Aluminum, Carbon, Oxygen, Tin, Cobalt, Gallium, Tungsten, Tantalum. This shows that there are many types of things that use conflict minerals which makes it have higher demand which means that there will be more reason to smuggle them in. Many companies are trying to stop using conflict minerals but since they are very hard to trace it’s hard to find out where they come from and to stop using them. There is a high demand for minerals because lots of types of technology uses them and that means that more conflict minerals are going to be coming in.

Many people are having to risk their lives to get the minerals for the devices that we so depend on. People overwork and consume chemicals that they aren’t supposed to. People in Congo, China and other places with conflict minerals are working many hours a day in the mine and that can affect their health in many ways. 1 way is overworking but there is another way that it can affect their health and it’s that there are so much silicon and chemicals in the air that it can make people’s lifespan go down efficiently. They work hard no matter what with hardly any salary while sucking in many things that are unhealthy for people’s bodies. People can’t leave the mine without getting shot. According to 5 things you didn’t know about conflict minerals The people who work in the mine are not allowed to leave the mine without getting a bullet through their head. This shows that people work inhuman hours without being able to leave the mine which is what leads to overworking and making people’s lifespan shorter. Many people think that they want to leave the mine because they don’t get the money that they deserve by working in the mine and on top of that, it can do serious damage so it is not a very good job for anyone to have. People are dying and working in inhumane conditions just to get us the materials for the things that we depend on.

We should start to try and think of ways to reduce buying too many laptops because that means using more conflict minerals which aren’t good. If we don’t try and save laptops we could use too many conflict minerals which means that more people would have to try and mine them because there’s more demand for them than before while if we save them there would be less demand which would mean that fewer people would have to go and mine conflict minerals and there would be fewer people dying. Try protecting the laptop by knowing where it is at all times, Always having it in a case, don’t bash, drop, or pick at any parts of it and try cleaning it regularly everywhere. If you protect it and use it with care chances are, it will last longer than when you don’t. It’s pretty simple but it will make a huge difference in the long run. Just a little time to clean it regularly will save you thousands of money and a lot of trouble. Not dropping or picking is simple. Just don’t let go of it unless you’re putting it somewhere and just don’t hit it which will be easy since it’s not something that you do very often by accident. Sometimes your hand accidentally slips but that rarely happens and it will usually be a soft hit. We can save using and buying laptops by protecting them in simple ways and that can help a lot of people by not having to mine as many conflict minerals in the future.


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May 30

Art Reflection

I think that what I did well was that I used my time effectively by coming to open studio and trying to get things done.


I think that one of my strengths in interlocking were that some of them interlocked if they were in the right place and when it did it looked like one picture it looked almost perfect. At first, when I tried my test print first my artworks didn’t interlock one bit. First I thought it was the way I carved it that was bad so I tried carving again but it still didn’t work. Even after that didn’t work I asked Mr Reed what I did wrong and he said that maybe I was putting on too much ink but that he didn’t know so I didn’t know whether to take the risk or not. My interlocking was OK because the crosses were touching but they weren’t exactly interlocking. Another thing that was bad was that my pizzas were a little too big and it looked like I didn’t measure it that much. But something that is good about my interlocking is that because my crosses aren’t interlocking that much it makes a diamond instead of a big cross so I thought that it looked cool and good.

Colour unity

I chose the colours that I chose because I liked those colours and I thought that they went together well with the other colours and the papers. My colour plan was mostly random but I just did it because I thought that it showed unity. The colours don’t really symbolise anything.

My Strengths and Weaknesses

I think that what I did well was that I had good motifs that were creative and made my pattern more interesting. I am proud of me finishing my pattern in time with a bit of time left over and it not being too bad and wonky. an idea that I am proud of is that I found some things that interlocked well and it looks interesting and I have more than 2 motifs so it looks more creative. I think that I could improve my cultural by making it more even and making the edges go to the middle of the corner instead of a bit off to the side. I could improve my personal influence by making the circle in the key down below the actual key instead of to the left. Another thing I could work on was that I should have measured the pizza’s more because they look like they go down and they are too big.


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April 16

Art Reflection

I learned how to make things look Three-Dimensional and realistic by using gradation, a blending stump, shadows and highlights. At the very start of the year I couldn’t use any of these. For example when I was trying to use a blending stump I wouldn’t be able to use it and it would look like a line instead of a shadow. I also practiced a lot by coming to open studio and at first I wasn’t that focused but I started to get more focused as the lessons went on. It also helped me improve by learning that shadows and highlights are actually important in a artwork but not only that but also my communication skills. They taught me to be independent to find mistakes by myself but also collaborating with others by asking.


I think that to do the drawing better I think that I would stop talking as much and focus a little more in the gradation and concentrate on what other people are saying so that I can think. Next I would problem solve instead of just asking and forgetting what they said and continue doing what I did so that I will have a better understanding of what to fix and what to do next for example one time when I was drawing I noticed that my lip was maybe a bit too big. I tried to make it smaller but it still didn’t work so I made it curve up a little and it worked. Also not try to make something perfect for example if the shape isn’t so good and I spent almost half the class trying to fix it but I could save some time by only looking at one thing but looking at the whole picture and it might not look so bad. But mostly I think that I should make the highlights a bit lighter because when I looked at it it was mostly the same colour as the normal places.


I think that these two learning words would describe me the best: risk taker and confident because when I was drawing I would try new things not knowing wether it would work out or not but I still tried it taking a risk and if it worked Yay! if it didn’t work Oh no! One time Mr reed told me to erase the teeth super white and don’t draw anything so at first I was a bit scared to do it but I tried it hoping that it would work and it did so I was really happy that I was a risk taker then. I am also confident because I would ask people  for feedback I would not be shy to not show my drawing so people could give me feedback. Once I thought that my drawing was a bit not-very-realistic but I didn’t hold back to ask people what I should work on and instead I went and asked them what I should work on and they would tell me instead of giggling like I was afraid they might.



December 9

Myth Reflection

I think overall the story was good and I think that the story choice was definitely easy to understand the life lesson. I think that the illustrations were also good but maybe the story itself was a bit too violent because there were some parts where people were getting killed and I sometimes flipped two pages or read the wrong part or lost track of where I was so made some things up so I think that I could of made the words a little bit more clearer so that I could read it without taking time and making up some parts. I could also make it a bit more interactive because it was just me reading it and nothing that the Grade 1’s could do with their hands.

December 6


img_0979 img_0980

I think that first I did not really use my time effectively but around the middle I started to use my time more wisely but because I did not use my time effectively at the start so I was a bit tight on time so I think that I should of used it wisely throughout the whole process. At first I didn’t really like drawing because I wasn’t use to it and was very bad at it but later on I got used to it so I started to get better so I think that that was something that I improved on and found easy around the middle and end. I have learned that you have to be patient to be good at something because I was very impatient first and you can see the difference between the start and the end because I started to become more patient around the end.

November 22

Creating the soloution


The first one is the cover page. The last one is where the man is telling the Lady what happened and right before he dies. The 3rd one is where they find a storm at last and they are very happy and the last one is where the old man dies and the young man is crying.



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