April 16

Art Reflection

I learned how to make things look Three-Dimensional and realistic by using gradation, a blending stump, shadows and highlights. At the very start of the year I couldn’t use any of these. For example when I was trying to use a blending stump I wouldn’t be able to use it and it would look like a line instead of a shadow. I also practiced a lot by coming to open studio and at first I wasn’t that focused but I started to get more focused as the lessons went on. It also helped me improve by learning that shadows and highlights are actually important in a artwork but not only that but also my communication skills. They taught me to be independent to find mistakes by myself but also collaborating with others by asking.


I think that to do the drawing better I think that I would stop talking as much and focus a little more in the gradation and concentrate on what other people are saying so that I can think. Next I would problem solve instead of just asking and forgetting what they said and continue doing what I did so that I will have a better understanding of what to fix and what to do next for example one time when I was drawing I noticed that my lip was maybe a bit too big. I tried to make it smaller but it still didn’t work so I made it curve up a little and it worked. Also not try to make something perfect for example if the shape isn’t so good and I spent almost half the class trying to fix it but I could save some time by only looking at one thing but looking at the whole picture and it might not look so bad. But mostly I think that I should make the highlights a bit lighter because when I looked at it it was mostly the same colour as the normal places.


I think that these two learning words would describe me the best: risk taker and confident because when I was drawing I would try new things not knowing wether it would work out or not but I still tried it taking a risk and if it worked Yay! if it didn’t work Oh no! One time Mr reed told me to erase the teeth super white and don’t draw anything so at first I was a bit scared to do it but I tried it hoping that it would work and it did so I was really happy that I was a risk taker then. I am also confident because I would ask people ¬†for feedback I would not be shy to not show my drawing so people could give me feedback. Once I thought that my drawing was a bit not-very-realistic but I didn’t hold back to ask people what I should work on and instead I went and asked them what I should work on and they would tell me instead of giggling like I was afraid they might.



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