May 30

Art Reflection

I think that what I did well was that I used my time effectively by coming to open studio and trying to get things done.


I think that one of my strengths in interlocking were that some of them interlocked if they were in the right place and when it did it looked like one picture it looked almost perfect. At first, when I tried my test print first my artworks didn’t interlock one bit. First I thought it was the way I carved it that was bad so I tried carving again but it still didn’t work. Even after that didn’t work I asked Mr Reed what I did wrong and he said that maybe I was putting on too much ink but that he didn’t know so I didn’t know whether to take the risk or not. My interlocking was OK because the crosses were touching but they weren’t exactly interlocking. Another thing that was bad was that my pizzas were a little too big and it looked like I didn’t measure it that much. But something that is good about my interlocking is that because my crosses aren’t interlocking that much it makes a diamond instead of a big cross so I thought that it looked cool and good.

Colour unity

I chose the colours that I chose because I liked those colours and I thought that they went together well with the other colours and the papers. My colour plan was mostly random but I just did it because I thought that it showed unity. The colours don’t really symbolise anything.

My Strengths and Weaknesses

I think that what I did well was that I had good motifs that were creative and made my pattern more interesting. I am proud of me finishing my pattern in time with a bit of time left over and it not being too bad and wonky. an idea that I am proud of is that I found some things that interlocked well and it looks interesting and I have more than 2 motifs so it looks more creative. I think that I could improve my cultural by making it more even and making the edges go to the middle of the corner instead of a bit off to the side. I could improve my personal influence¬†by making the circle in the key down below the actual key instead of to the left. Another thing I could work on was that I should have measured the pizza’s more because they look like they go down and they are too big.


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