Art reflection unit 2

My projects strengths are, the colors go well together and will interlock really nicely.  What I did well was carved non-messily, and prints are clear.  On the paper, the colors are made out really well for my eyes, at least.  I’m proud of how I had different ideas, and tried different things before I found the right thing.  My projects weakness is some of my carvings that did not show up on the print are very low in the carving.  The bottom was very thin where I went too deep in my carving.  There were no holes, but just barely.  I could improve my cultural influence idea by putting one more African design in my print.  This is because I only had two, and I think I should have done one more.  I could improve my personal influence by making the horses a bit bigger, or even by putting in something more of having to do with horses. For example, I could have put in a horse tail, or a horse saddle or bridle.


My interlocking is accurate, and the colors will help make it look even better.  The only shape my interlocking creates is a bigger rectangle.  The pattern gets bigger, and the horses are mirroring each other when I put them together.  I chose these colors because they are among my favorite colors.  The blue symbolizes the color of my room when I was a tiny baby.  My parents think that’s why blue is my favorite color.  And green symbolizes my mom and dad’s favorite color.  This is because my Mom and Dad’s birthday are both in may, and the stone for May is an Emerald, which is green. My colors are unified.  The corners are purple paper with turquoise ink, and the “cross” is green paper with blue ink.  I do think it will look unified.


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